King of the hill

by backpackingbongos

Reuben summits Shillhope Law (The Cheviots) in style!

5 Comments to “King of the hill”

  1. Good work, Reuben! Dougal is furious that he didn’t get a go… Boo.

  2. Brought back some emotional memories for me James. I used to have a German Shepard called Harry and he went everywhere with me, he did nearly 100 munros and several backpacking trips. Boy was he smelly tent companion – and he was competing with me! He loved the long walks in the hills. Unfortunately he died of cancer when he was only 7 about 10 years ago so he never got to complete the list. I miss him.

    • Sorry to hear about that. Being a dog lover I think that they are more than just ‘pets’, Reuben is now firmly part of the family. He loves his walks in the hills, but he is not the most hardy of dogs, easily gets tired and he loves a bit of comfort. Not sure if he will enjoy backpacking, although I will give it a go. 100 Munros is pretty good going for Harry in those 7 years, hopefully loads of good memories there?

  3. Cute Reuben. Great pose.

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