Video shortlisted for the Michael Whippman Award

by backpackingbongos

A quick deviation away from the outdoor stuff……….

Regular readers will know that I work as an advocate for homeless and vulnerable people.  During some general chuntering about the Government cuts and the impact it will have on the most vulnerable in our society, I linked to a video we were involved in.  ‘Not just pounds and pence’ was made by service users as a way to give others that access services threatened with cuts or closures a voice.  Anyway that video has been shortlisted for the Michael Whippman Client Involvement award and is now in the final six.  The award focuses on the contributions of homeless people themselves, and was set up to challenge stereotypes about who is and can become homeless, whilst also showing homeless people that anything is possible.

This year the award focused on finding the best example of an existing campaign or initiative using social media that

  • raises the profile of homeless people and homelessness amongst the public
  • broadens the public’s understanding of homelessness
  • involves homeless people and empowers them to make a contribution.

Anyway, the purpose of this post?  To try and get as many votes as possible for our entry.  You can vote via the Homeless Link website here.  Our video being ‘Not just pounds and pence’.

If you have not seen the video it is embedded below.

5 Comments to “Video shortlisted for the Michael Whippman Award”

  1. I have watched this film and it is a very emotional and informative film highlighting the needs for services. I would encourage people to watch the film and register their vote.

  2. It’s an excellent video and well worth voting for. Great job by all involved and good luck for the final round!

  3. Thank you for sharing the video.

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