Braving the Lake District in July

by backpackingbongos

Tomorrow myself and Rich are going to take our beards to the Lake District.  They need a proper mountain airing every now and then.

I have realised that I have not actually backpacked in the Lakes for just over two years now.  A couple of day walks last November but apart from that I have totally neglected the area recently.  I usually seek out the more lonely hill areas but at the moment I’m craving a proper ‘mountain’ fix.  July is probably not the month to visit the park for the lover of lonely places though!  We will head for the Western fells and do a short three-day circuit of Wast Water, a mixture of valley, moor, high mountains and lower less visited hills.  As usual when seeking inspiration for a backpack I turn to Geoff’s excellent website v-g Backpacking in Britain.  When you are planning a backpack this is probably the best place to visit on the internet, loads of ideas for routes all backed up with excellent photographs and route descriptions.  Our wild camp on Saturday night will hopefully be on the summit of a small hill he highly recommends.  As far as I know Wainwright does not mention it so the area should be deserted.

Before we get there however we need to survive the deluge forecast for tomorrow.  Thunderstorms make me anxious…….

7 Comments to “Braving the Lake District in July”

  1. If you have a camcorder get some video footage always wanted to wild camp in the lakes while it thunders and lightening bit dodgey but exciting all the same

    • Hi Paul. Thankfully the thunder and lightening did not arrive – glad as I hate being in a tent with thunder crashing all around!

  2. Have a great time, James. Weather forecast looks to be getting better by the day. Glad to see that we’re not the only rain-chasers up there this weekend – we’ll be on the Far Eastern Fells, soaking up all the clag that doesn’t get dumped on you 🙂

    • The weather was much better than the forecast suggested earlier on in the week. A bit of sun and impressive swirling clouds. Lovely it was! Hope that you had a good time on the Eastern fells.

  3. Have a good time James, it’s not school holidays yet, so you should be free of some of the worst of the hordes. The last 2 times I’ve been up there in early July, it’s been pretty deserted. They were both mid-week though, the weekend may bring out a few more of the crowds.

  4. Good luck keeping dry

  5. Cheers Charlie and Ben.

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