Moody skies and wimpy thighs

by backpackingbongos

My legs are embarrassing me today.  I got home from the Lake District yesterday evening after a cracking three days backpacking the fells surrounding Wast Water.  Today I can barely walk, I’m all creaky knees and knotted calf muscles.  I’m usually fine after a few days in the hills with a pack on my back but the Lakes have given me a different type of work out.  I blame all the contours knitted together, giving a large amount of ascent and descent.  I think it was the descent from the summit of Kirk Fell to the pub at Wasdale Head that finished me off.

I have fallen back in love with the Lakes, despite the crowds.  The mountains are simply stunning, the weekend filled with views of iconic mountains.  What made it really special was the weather on Saturday.  It was dry and often sunny but every now and then clouds would stream up from the valleys, the mountain tops making them ragged.  Standing up high and watching clouds grow and shift in front of our eyes was a magical experience.

Looking towards Pillar from above Wind Gap

As usual the two wild camps were the highlight of the weekend.  A high camp next to Scoat Tarn treated us to a warm and sunny morning after a wet and misty night.  On the second night we failed to get to our planned destination on the summit of Great How.  I blame the pint in the pub for that!

Camping next to Scoat Tarn.

I have come to the conclusion that I am simply a tick magnet.  Richard who spent the weekend in shorts did not collect any whilst I managed a tally of two.  I must give off some sort of scent that shouts out ‘dinners ready’.  A horse fly got me too, that hurt more than I thought it would and I have a large lump to show off.

A full write-up in due course, I am falling severely behind with my trip reports at the moment, a few yet to come.  My maps are already out planning the next trip, I can’t seem to get enough of the hills this year.

18 Comments to “Moody skies and wimpy thighs”

  1. Nice report, looking forward to the full one!

  2. Great area to walk, despite the summer crowds. Where are you off to next!?

    • I think that it will probably be the area around High Cup in the north Pennine, it’s pretty spectacular there. I fancy a wild camp somewhere along the rim.

  3. Looks great. You’ll be needing to employ a trip write-up dwarf to clear your backlog.

    • Thanks Pete. Have you got one that I could borrow (I will return them to you after a couple of weeks, promise).

  4. I must admit – I miss the Lakes. Aint been since New Years Eve. However, some good fortune has headed my way, and I’ll be consequently making my way to the Ullswater area next week 🙂

    Nice photos James. Could relate to every word you wrote – except the ticks and that. Bugs tend to avoid me (I wonder why?) 😉

  5. I’ve been camping and backpacking in the lakes for years and never acquired a tick…my daughters have camped there twice and both picked them up each time….I must taste weird or summat.
    Great write-up.

    • I wish that I tasted weird, there must be something in some people which makes them irresistable. It’s nice to be irresistable, just not where ticks are concerned!

  6. Crap, I best never invite you for a walk in the Jura mountains (the one in Switz/France) where ticks are endemic at lower altitudes.Or maybe I should… 😉

    High Cup Nick is a truly extraordinary sight, I must be go back there one day.

    • I would hoover them up Yuri. Funnily enough the island of Jura is ticktastic as well, something in the name? High Cup is stunning, hope to camp above the rim.

  7. Looks like you had a cracking weekend. I look forward to the report, whenever you find the time from your busy schedule of running about the hills to write it up.

    Weirdly I’ve never picked up a tick, despite wandering through bracken in shorts and all the other things you’re never meant to do.

    • A cracking weekend it was Charlie, made me realise how great the Lakes are. It may take a few weeks for the trip report to be posted, my write ups have got a bit behind!

  8. Was back in the Wasdale area recently for a family walking weekend:

    Your right about Scoat Tarn. It was one of my favourite spots (just above the tarn by one of the streams on the north side. Looking forward to the full story

  9. This is enjoying nature at its best, wonderful journey and experience and great photos too!

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