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July 25, 2011

The Trailstar has landed

by backpackingbongos

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when the postman knocked at the door.  A package was handed over with my name on it, I haven’t ordered anything I thought to myself.  I then noticed the return address on the package and realised it was my Trailstar, 5 weeks early.  Brilliant.  It has also got through customs without any charges being added, double bonus.

The supplied cord has now been cut to length and attached to the line-loks.  I went excitedly into the garden to get it pitched but hit a major problem.  My garden is too small!  There is no way I can erect it even if I destroyed the borders, the Trailstar is huge.  I am going to take it round to a mates house one night this week to have a play.  I am planning a trip with it this weekend so will need to seam seal it, this will have to be done in my mates garden and left overnight to cure.  Lets hope we have a dry evening and night this week.

It’s good to have new toys to play with.