The Trailstar has landed

by backpackingbongos

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when the postman knocked at the door.  A package was handed over with my name on it, I haven’t ordered anything I thought to myself.  I then noticed the return address on the package and realised it was my Trailstar, 5 weeks early.  Brilliant.  It has also got through customs without any charges being added, double bonus.

The supplied cord has now been cut to length and attached to the line-loks.  I went excitedly into the garden to get it pitched but hit a major problem.  My garden is too small!  There is no way I can erect it even if I destroyed the borders, the Trailstar is huge.  I am going to take it round to a mates house one night this week to have a play.  I am planning a trip with it this weekend so will need to seam seal it, this will have to be done in my mates garden and left overnight to cure.  Lets hope we have a dry evening and night this week.

It’s good to have new toys to play with.

18 Comments to “The Trailstar has landed”

  1. Lucky boy. Kit I ordered weeks before you is still not made. Get it up a hill soon.

  2. What a sweet surprise indeed! What colour did you take?

    • I went for the grey Hendrik. Was tempted by the yellow but thought that may attract the bugs in the summer. Grey should also be better for ‘stealth’ mode for when I don’t want to be seen when camping where I should not be! Same colour as my Scarp1 which blends into the scenery nicely.

  3. You going to Peaks, James? 🙂 Drop me a line if you want. I’m there this weekend 🙂 You can take a look at my new shelter, too – though you’ve already seen it recently 😉 😉

    • It’s going to be either the North Pennines or Mid Wales this weekend Terry. Going with a mate who is trying to get over an injury, a test to see if things are working kinda trip.

      If you are up for a trip in a few weeks time that would be cool, or I could meet you for a day? I think I know what shelter you are talking about. Nice!

  4. Nice one James ! – Look forward to photos and report in due course

  5. Just hope he doesn’t have hedgehogs as regular visitors in his garden. Ours are really inquisitive with anything new…

    • I hope not too! Mind you when I put my Scarp1 up in the garden to seam seal it a tom cat sprayed on it, not nice……..

  6. I assume you’ve given some thought to the bug/midge issue. You just going to see how you get on with no bug netting initially, or is there another purchase on the cards?

    • Hi Fraser. So far I have only ordered a bathtub groundsheet from the States. Going to see how I get on with the shelter first before ordering anything else. I think that if planning to go to midgie / tick infested places I will take a tent. Planning a trip this weekend in the North Pennines. The plan is to camp high (above 600m) to fingers crossed a breeze will keep the midgies away. Also thinking of taking the dog for his first overnight trip. No idea how that is going to go!

  7. hi congrats with new arrival ! can i ask when did you order ? as im awaiting on 1 too ? ta peter

    • Hi Peter. I ordered mine on the 18th June, so have received it much quicker than the 9 or 10 weeks that they said it would take. When did you order yours?

      • Hi ordered two,1 for mate on 19july he said about 6 wks so finger crossed .might get oooworks to make me a floor but same as you not sure what I need yet .I always take my dog on all trips and he’s fine. Peter

  8. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

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