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August 6, 2011


by backpackingbongos

When I started this blog two and a half years ago I sat for a while pondering a name for it.  I wanted to have the word backpacking in there somewhere.  I probably should have called it ‘Super duper really ultralight backpacking’ as I am sure that my stats would have been much higher by now!  In the end I settled on ‘Backpackingbongos’, the Bongo bit being named after the campervan that has frequently been my home in the hills.

Forward wind to a couple of weeks ago and we found ourselves the proud new owners of a ‘proper’ car, a kind gift from Corrina’s mum who has moved to Spain.  Due to ever-increasing fuel costs the Bongo has started to put a real drain on our pockets, especially for longer trips.  We still have it but it now currently lives on a friends drive, packed and ready for Bongo friendly trips.  I can now get out and about backpacking much quicker and cheaper in the Focus.  I also feel much happier leaving something much less conspicuous on the side of a road whilst heading into the hills for a few days.

However I don’t think that the name ‘Backpackingfordfocus’ has the same ring about it!