by backpackingbongos

When I started this blog two and a half years ago I sat for a while pondering a name for it.  I wanted to have the word backpacking in there somewhere.  I probably should have called it ‘Super duper really ultralight backpacking’ as I am sure that my stats would have been much higher by now!  In the end I settled on ‘Backpackingbongos’, the Bongo bit being named after the campervan that has frequently been my home in the hills.

Forward wind to a couple of weeks ago and we found ourselves the proud new owners of a ‘proper’ car, a kind gift from Corrina’s mum who has moved to Spain.  Due to ever-increasing fuel costs the Bongo has started to put a real drain on our pockets, especially for longer trips.  We still have it but it now currently lives on a friends drive, packed and ready for Bongo friendly trips.  I can now get out and about backpacking much quicker and cheaper in the Focus.  I also feel much happier leaving something much less conspicuous on the side of a road whilst heading into the hills for a few days.

However I don’t think that the name ‘Backpackingfordfocus’ has the same ring about it!


14 Comments to “Backpackingfordfocus?”

  1. least it’s not a metro…

  2. Backpackingfocus? Then your stats would be through the roof as thousands of people think you write about the philosophies of backpacking, or perhaps focusing on the bare minimums needed to survive in the hills (a bit like ‘Super duper really ultralight backpacking’). Although you can’t really complain about 140,000 hits…

    • Maybe one day I will get writing about the philosophies of backpacking Charlie, if I do then Backpackingfocus will be a great name. Think I will just stick to walking the hills for now though!

  3. I still think Bongpackingbingoes has a certain ring to it…

  4. James, yes you are right Backpackingfordfocus does not have the same ring to it. I think the bongos bit stands out from the crowd more than Superduperlightweight blog. When I first came across your blog- it was the bongos that drew my attention to it, but I must admit I imagined when I first saw the name that you carried a set of of bongo’s up into the hills:)

    Can completely sympathise with the running costs. I paid £148.9 per litre of diesel yesterday in Skye filling up my motor home – ouch !!

    • Mark I think that one of the first comments I ever received was from someone who was expecting stories about backpacking with a set of Bongos! Imagine someone setting up close by on a wild camp and then they get their bongos out………

      £1.48 is a definate ouch!

  5. Sold our van today. Will be removing the Van page from the blog the moment it goes as a mark of a respect to a mode of travel we really enjoyed.

  6. well, when in the Bongo on Skye, you need to fill up before you get there. According to markswalkingblog there’s a garage charging nearly £750 a gallon.

  7. Well spotted Owdbum – I meant £1.489 !!

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