Take off?

by backpackingbongos

I’m off to Wales this weekend so have started keeping a beady eye on the weather.  Metcheck is always worth a laugh as it is usually frighteningly optimistic.  If Metcheck says it is sunny then usually it will rain.  Not sure what to make of their latest forecast for the weekend…………….


10 Comments to “Take off?”

  1. Blimey – I’d take a few extra pegs if I were you 🙂

    As you say always good for a laugh. Once checked the ski reports in France on Metcheck. Several degrees below freezing with heavy snow in one resort, several degres above freezing with heavy rain in the resort next door at the same altitude a couple of miles away. Never let computer models predict the weather

  2. Haha! Yes, they had similar figures on there last week for North Wales. Think their model might be off by just a smidge 😉

  3. Best get that wind data corrected ASAP before the land-raping turbine-planters see it!

  4. You’d think they’d read it before they published it. Unless it’s true……

  5. James, my company uses MeteoBlue – Basle University data. Usually pretty accurate, but like all forecasts it can go wrong !

    Suggests for the weekend (Bala) more sun than rain, but gusty winds up to 43 kph. ( not up to 326mph) 🙂

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