Peak District social meet

by backpackingbongos

I have to admit that when I looked out of my window on Friday morning I nearly decided to close the curtains and go back to bed.  It was lashing it down outside and the thought of driving to the Peak District and pitching a tent was decidedly unappealing.  However I am glad that I made the effort as it was a cracking weekend.

The weekend had been arranged by Terry who had booked a campsite for our sole use, just down the road from Monsal Head.  The rain had stopped when I arrived and after pitching spent the rest of the afternoon socialising and having a few beers.  It was great to put faces to blogs that I follow and meet other like-minded outdoor folk.  The cool, damp August air was escaped when everyone decamped to the pub for a convivial evening.  Terry who had consumed one or two shandys provided some entertaining monologues which would make most excellent podcasts.  Did anyone have a microphone handy?

The relaxed informal nature of the weekend meant that I could escape and be unsociable for a few hours whilst exploring Monsal Dale with Reuben.  I managed to find a lovely shelf high above the valley and have a nap with the dog in the sunshine.  A most pleasurable way to spend my time.

Reuben the ‘Trig point dog’ managed to receive the affection of just about everybody who turned up over the course of the weekend.  He proved to be a big hit and relished all the attention that came his way.  I am lucky to have such a good natured, well behaved and friendly hound!

Returning from a few hours on the hill there was another convivial afternoon on the campsite, this time in warm sunshine.  A guy from Rab popped along with a boot full of shiny technical fabrics for people to fondle and drool over, whilst Gareth from Webtogs pitched some new tents from Nemo.  The pub soon beckoned for some more beers and happy campers returned late to the campsite for more socialising around the party tent.

Sadly I did not take many photos, apart from when I went for my bimble.  Here are a few that I did take.

By Saturday afternoon the excitement had got too much for Terry.

Gareth from Webtogs demonstrating how not to pitch a tent.

Acres of space at the weekends campsite near Monsal Head.

The classic view of Monsal Head.

A view across the dale.

Reuben spotting something of interest.

Reuben getting excited about the view on the summit of Fin Cop.

The hidden Hobs House in Monsal Dale.

Early Autumn colours looking down the dale.

Looking back across to Fin Cop, it was exceptionally steep descending from there.

Taking time out on the hill for a snooze in the sun.

Reuben being a little disappointed by the lack of a trig on the summit of Longstone Moor.

So cheers Terry for arranging everything, a quick video of Reuben showing his appreciation……………..


20 Comments to “Peak District social meet”

  1. I was really hoping that I would get away with no-one mentioning my drunk like initial pitching of the Obi 2P Elite, thanks for scuppering that James 😉 In fairness it was the first time I had pitched it, but at least you didn’t say that my 4 year old son would have done a better job as Dave from myoutdoors did!

    Was truly lovely to meet you in a very chilled setting and a massive thanks has to go to you for Sunday nights wild camp spot, it was a genius suggestion and has to be one of the few genuinely wild areas in the Peak District where you can see no trace of humans in the hills surrounding.

    Ellis is still a fan of Reuben by the way 😀

    • It was great to meet you Gareth. Good to hear that the wild camp on Sunday night went well, it is one of my favourite pitches. You should never try and pitch a tent for the first time with a crowd of outdoors types, too many critical eyes watching over you! Looked to be a cracking tent though.

  2. Nice wriite up mate, love the vid too, what a dog !!

  3. Nice one James. Like the Reuben video 🙂

  4. Honestly mate, I’m in love with your dog LOL Meant it when I asked could I take him home. Cannot believe how well behaved, fun and friendly Reuben was. No barking or misbehaving etc. He was spot on with every one at the meet. Absolutely charming – including the sloppy kiss he gave me when in my tent taking an afternoon nap 😉

    Yeah, was a good but too brief meet. Really enjoyed it though I don’t recall much of the ‘monologues’ 😉 When they’re happening is usually when my wife heads off with embarrassment LOL

    Good meeting you again, James. Pleasure as always mate. Will plan something a tad more ambitious next time – but keep numbers limited to ensure that close knit sociable atmosphere we enjoyed.

    • I’m glad that Reuben was such a big hit with everyone Terry, he behaved himself very well. I’m sure that he would have curled up with you in the tent if he was given the opportunity! I look forward to the next meet, well done on organising such a great weekend.

  5. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to chat and meet the famous dog. Hope to remedy that in future.

  6. Hi James
    If I’d known you were around I’d have gatecrashed your evening in the pub – I only live a few miles away in Hayfield!

  7. Great to meet both you and Reuben. It was a top weekend and to echo Gareth it was a fantastic spot on Sunday night – perfect for my first wild camp, so thanks for the route (it is becoming a habit borrowing your routes!)

  8. Bloggers with dogs….Pieman, The Fat Dog, yourself and Rueben – it’s only just dawned on me how much they enhance landscape photos with all the foreground interest they provide! Lovely photos of Monsal Dale.

  9. Reuben is now the real star of Backpackingbongos – very much a supporting role in the future for you James!

  10. What is Terry (passed out) using for a pillow, out of curiosity?

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