Trailstar summit camp & River dog

by backpackingbongos

During the weekend the weather was kind enough to allow me to pitch my Trailstar on the summits.  I love camping as high as possible and then lounging around soaking up the views.  The wind on both nights this time was strong, but not enough to spoil my camps.  As it was so warm and dry it served to completely keep away all condensation, even my soaked trail shoes were bone dry come morning.

Here is the morning view from the 521 metre summit of Moel y Llyn.

Reuben was my companion for the three days during this trip.  Dogs are perfect companions for backpacking; they enjoy the constant new sights and smells and never complain.  Reuben however is not that keen on water, which can make river crossings tricky.  I thought that the calm Afon Hengwm would be perfect training for him.  He still does not know that there was a bridge a few hundred metres away!  Just to let you know that my voice is not usually as squeaky as this (hopefully), I was trying to encourage the dog!

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18 Comments to “Trailstar summit camp & River dog”

  1. He’s a bright young chap – he found a shallower way across.

    • He did well spotting that, I did not notice the shallower part myself, although I enjoyed the wade at the end of a hot day.

  2. Sorry to break the bad news, Mr B, but your voice is usually as squeaky as that. Dougal was looking mighty perplexed to hear you encouraging Reuben from somewhere obscure in our flat…

    • Damn there I was thinking I sounded all gruff and masculine! When I played the river vid when I got home Reuben came racing up the stairs as he thought I was calling him!

  3. Love the river crossing vid. Smart dawg. He should have waited until you had crossed half way back though to find his shallow route.

    • I was on my way back to pick him up when he found the shallow crossing point, luckily I did not have to carry him across!

  4. Smart dog and nice wild camp.

  5. Lovely vid of Reuben and the wild camp site. Summit camping is the business. Still remember a summit camp on Lingmell in the Lakes with my dog some 19 years ago

    • Its great to get the opportunity to camp on the summits Andy, especially to lay in a shelter at night and look at the views.

  6. Wow, that’s quite some view you had from that summit.

  7. Nice one James (and Reuben) ! I like the videos, must do more myself.

    • I usually forget about the video function on my camera Mark, but its good to get a summit panorama every now and then.

    • You probably already knew what I would say to that statement Joe – get one! Seriously your time in the hills will never be the same.

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