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November 18, 2011

Stop The Exploitation of Mynydd Mynyllod

by backpackingbongos

I have to admit that until earlier this week I had absolutely no idea where Mynydd Mynyllod was.  However as a backpacker who often goes to Snowdonia it is an area I have passed many times without realising.  I would also assume that most people reading this have probably passed it on the way to the mountains.  The river Dee flows through a lovely valley and I always enjoy the drive west from Llangollen before continuing into south Snowdonia via the A494 to Bala, or occasionally on the B road via Llandrillo.  I much prefer exploring the south of the national park with its isolated mountain ranges or the empty Berwyns to the east.  A quiet unspoilt corner of Wales.

For how much longer?

There are proposals to plonk 25 turbines which are 145 metres high on a wedge of moorland called Mynydd Mynyllod.  Unfortunately developers are unable to simply ‘plonk’ turbines as first they need to rip up miles of moorland for access tracks and fill the hills with toxic concrete.  I could not find a decent map of the proposed site, so I have mocked up my own.  I have crudely marked the area proposed for development with an X.

Although not actually located within the National Park, it is pretty damned close and the turbines would be visible and intrusive from a huge area.  Rather than re-write what has already been written there is a website called Stop The Exploitation of Mynydd Mynyllod, please have a look for more information and how to object.

Last nights Question time was filmed in Aberystwyth and there was a question about windfarms.  You can view the programme by clicking here.  The question is around the 42 minute 40 second mark.  According to the BBC website it should be available until 16th November 2012.