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November 22, 2011

Democracy in action?

by backpackingbongos

Just a quick rant and then I am going to bed.

I recently did a post about a walk across the Flow Country to Loch Strathy bothy, one of the highlights of my trip to the far north.  You can read that post here if you missed it.

I am therefore rather dismayed to find that the Strathy North Wind Farm has been given the go ahead despite local opposition.  A couple of articles here:

What really annoyed me was this sentence in the first article:

‘Energy minister Fergus Ewing approved the application from SSE Renewables, despite overwhelming opposition to the plan. Of the 174 representations received from members of the public, 166 were against the project and just eight were in support’.

So who are politicians there to represent?  Is there any point in making your voice heard?

Petitions are probably a complete waste of time, however they only take a few seconds to complete.  Another one for you here.