Fancy dress

by backpackingbongos

Reuben has been eyeing up my rucksack by the door, possibly noticing that his gear is not sitting next to it.  I’m off first thing in the morning minus Reuben for a backpacking jaunt in the Yorkshire Dales to meet some other outdoor types.  There has been talk of camping on summits to eat dinner whilst the sun sets.  Looking at the weather forecast that may well be a little bit optimistic as the forecast is for gusts of wind to reach 80mph on the Yorkshire hill tops.  It’s also looking decidedly chilly after the recent mild autumn.

That’s why I’m going in fancy dress.

14 Comments to “Fancy dress”

  1. Good luck mate 80mph gusts arent to be taking lightly lol trying to pitch a tent in winds like that is very hard enjoy look forward to hear what happens

  2. Have fun James, whatever plans the weather has for you.

  3. aha! black pudding costume…excellent choice.

  4. Poor Reuben! He could have been useful helping to weigh your tent down in the winds…and along the same lines, my mate Bernie and I have just booked a backpacking trip for Fountains Fell, for the weekend of January 28th/29th. Daren’t even think what the weather might be like by then.

    • The problem with planning a trip Chrissie is that the weather usually ends up letting you down! I think that it was a wise decision leaving Reuben at home, he would have had a miserable time in the wind and rain.

  5. Good luck with it! I might be off to the Dales this weekend myself, yet (still TBC) but staying in a snug B&B! The only slightly depressing thing is that the forecast for the 3 Peaks/Kettlewell area looked better than for further west where we’d be. Bummer! Godd chance to gear-test for waterproofness, then?

    • Blimey if the 3 Peaks area had the better weather I hate to think what it would have been like further west! Hope you had a good trip to the Dales and enjoyed that b&b, they cannot be beaten in the winter.

  6. The mysterious backpackers clique have convened again – that means a group of tents on the hill?. 😥

    • The mysterious ‘backpackers clique’ would be very happy for Geoff to join them next time they pitch a group of tents on the hill!

  7. Good day, Gentle Sir!
    I have just returned home. Sunday’s weather was wonderful so i managed a lovely trip back up Crummack Dale and over the top to Clapham to the pub for a late lunch.
    Wanda is still in her bag, stewing, so I shall let her out for an airing and wash all the mud out of my clothes. Then I’ll write it all up, with the benefit of a nice whisky to aid the thought processes.

    • Good to hear that the weather perked up a little bit (alot!) – at least you got to see what Crummack Dale actually looks like. Good to meet you and look forward to the write up.

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