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December 7, 2011

Sometimes the odds are stacked against you

by backpackingbongos

Somehow I managed to swap some days around at work and I ended up with 5 whole days off in a row, without taking any annual leave.  Opportunities like that do not come around very often so I started hatching plans of daring do.  Initially they involved hiring a boatman to deposit me on an uninhabited island off the West Coast of Scotland for a few days.  In the end I saw sense and realised that this may not be the most sensible thing to do in mid December on my own.  Finally I set my heart on a trip to the far western Highlands to ‘a bothy that shall not be named’, a place so magnificent that it looks like the Grand Designs teams did the decor.  A ferry would still be involved in getting there, so the adventurous mid winter spirit would still be kept alive.

Illness very nearly scuppered my plans though.  When I was Blown off course in the Yorkshire Dales I did not feel very well.  On the Sunday when climbing back over to Austwick I got very wheezy, struggling over the hill slowing the lads down a bit.  The wheezy / chestiness continued throughout last week but being allergic to doctors I avoided making an appointment.  Then on Sunday I was taking Reuben for a walk up my local hill which reaches a whopping altitude of 40 metres.  The wheezing came back with a vengeance and I really struggled to breathe, a really frightening experience as I made my way home to collapse on the sofa.  A kick up the arse to visit the doctor the next day.  Turns out I have developed Asthma which is a complete bugger considering I gave up smoking nearly two months ago.  On the positive side the drugs that I have been given made a huge difference and the far western bothy plan was back on.

Until this afternoon.  The weather has decided to throw a spanner in the works, have a read of this work of art.

It’s rather special isn’t it?  Even trying to get to the bothy via the coast (and you can’t get more low-level than that) involves crossing several waterfalls where ropes are in place for safety.  An eight mile hike over the hills is most definitely out of the question with winds like that.  It looks like my plans are have finally been relegated to the back-burner and filled under ‘another time’.

Plan B is needed.