One turbine down………..

by backpackingbongos

……….but many more yet to go!

At least there is a positive ‘spin’ on the winds battering Scotland today as one of the turbines near Ardrossan exploded.

22 Comments to “One turbine down………..”

  1. Oh the irony – it’s too windy for the wind turbines. On the assumption that no-one got hurt and there was no lasting damage to the landscape (more irony – damage to the landscape from the bloody things exploding) or local flora and fauna….

    That is seriously funny

    • I’m sure that it is either too windy or not windy enough for these onshore monstrosities Andy. £2 million it cost apparently!

  2. You think it was the wind, eh? This is in fact a statement of intent by the TLF! No not The Lovely Fiona, but the Turbine Liquidation Front (watch me get 5 years for threatening terrorist activities on social media!).

    Just to think, James, you’d been thinking about getting a wee boat over to Scarba on this very day! Calmac sailings to just about everywhere have been suspended and it’s very windy up the Rest and be Thankful…

    • It will be more like 14 years Pete, I would watch it because the Lovely Fiona could indeed be an undercover cop noting your every move and compiling a report on your dangerous thoughts……..

      I’m sure that Duncan would have dropped me off at Scarba, its only a breeze!

  3. At the last count some 3,500 thousand to go…

    Here’s hoping the fireball contagion ‘catches on’…

    Another came down near Coldingham:

    There are two turbines in the middle of Dundee and another one has just opened in Dunfermline. If it were to happen there, that would be another story. If the one in the story is the one really near Ardrossan, it’s an area very near the town and used for walks and the like.

    But yes, a joyful sight indeed.

    • Hmmm it may take a while for gales to get them all. It would not be funny though if one in the middle of a town or city went down.

  4. I have to admit that that made me smile!

  5. At least when these fail you’re not having to deal with a Deepwater Horizon or a Fukushima!

  6. In the style of Chewin The Fat- C’mon the wind!

  7. Graham, at least nuclear power delivers steady reliable and cheap electricity. Wind turbines are just window-dressing by the tokenism industry you so aptly represent…

    Incidentally, this is not the first time this happens. As luck would have it, there was a guy with a camera at the ready. The wind industry is phenomenally secretive and accidents of this kind at remote locations are quietly wrapped up. Gearbox failure is widespread and if it coincides with a gale you get fireworks.

    • @andy

      Please don’t presume to know what I do or do not represent.

      I was only pointing out the vast difference in environmental impact of the failure modes involved in the exploitation of different sources of energy. Your comments are irrelevant to that.

      And by the way, nuclear energy is not cheap. From from it, in fact. US Department of Energy estimates of levalised costs (taking into account all relevant costs) for advanced nuclear are 113.9 compared to 94.8 for conventional coal and 97.0 for wind.

      • The wind turbine industry is perfectly open about gearbox issues, a quick google right now produced plenty of PDF from manufacturers, energy companies, pro-wind farm groups discussing the issue and the reasons behind it. A change, possibly two changes of gearbox is de facto accepted during the lifespan of a wind turbine and they make no secret of it.

        Nuclear cheap? The chaps at Deutsche Bank (just one example really, unless you get all your data from Nuclear, it’s not exactly difficult to find more papers like that…) consider it a dead duck, older plants are being retired more quickly (at a huge cost…) and newer ones don’t get off the ground because they are far too expensive…Natural gas and renewables are the future it seems.

        Click to access Inflection_Point_Research_Note.pdf

  8. Do they pay you Moonlight Shadow to spam outdoor fora and blogs to spread propaganda about the wind industry? Is there no place safe from your bile?

  9. Bile? Good God, not at all, just a moment of weakness…I berate myself for it!

    Just dealing with the facts Sancho Panza…You said there was a cover up in the industry about gearbox issues, a one minute google search highlighted this to be another of your baseless conspiracy theories. A needless one too, why not bash them on the head with what they admit themselves to be a widespread design fault…? You also asserted something about nuclear energy which is simply untrue, again a simple one minute google search produced a comprehensive document, in this case from people who are not know to be a bunch of eco-nazis…

    NB I only ever commented on OM about windfarms, significantly less often than I comment about a zillion of other subjects and never commented before on a blog post about this subject (I think…). I’m probably going to be sacked by my paymasters…

    Anyway, I’m off, for good. Pleasure reading your blog James, sorry for this, sincerely and see you in the hills one day…

  10. We’re both guests of James’ and I don’t want to import the ills of fora here.

    I could engage with your bogus links and your lies masquerading as facts but as I say this is a blog. As it happens, James cheered when that turbine went up in flame, and so did all of us until you turned up.

    Unlike us, you cheer when turbines go up, you cheer every time another hill is defaced, while we’d be glad to see the hills remain untouched.

    You once said you’d rather live near a wind farm than a nuclear power station.

    If so, why don’t you do us all a favour and swap houses with this bloke here, a guy who came up against the lies of the wind industry at first hand:

    Oh, talking of facts, Sancho Panza liked windmills, so get at least that right next time round.

  11. I must admit, I had a bit of a smile too.

    Then the realisation hit – this will cost £££££s to fix. Even more money will be spent on this already expensive folly.

  12. Having watched the video i have written about the overly simplistic Planning Guidelines to do with Flicker. You can find it HERE

  13. It’s not surprising that it blew up when you notice that it’s pointing in the opposite direction to the others! That probably doesn’t help when there’s a gale blowing…

  14. This fire was just one of many as well as all the other things that happen to turbines – you can see some of them here

    The industry bodies keep records but won’t release them. Funny that.

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