Plan B

by backpackingbongos

Plan B stands for Bongo and Bothy.  Seeing as the title of this blog is Backpackingbongos I thought that I should get in a bit of Bongo action!  Therefore in the morning I am heading for the Yorkshire Dales with Reuben the mountain Staffy.  The plan is to spend the night in a hut high on the moors, fingers crossed that it is still unlocked.  My rucksack is rather heavy with all the wood and coal that I have stuffed in it along with my winter gear.  It will be great to spend the night in glorious isolation high up in the middle of nowhere with the wind whistling around the rafters.

The rest of the weekend is unplanned which is unusual for me.  The Bongo will be my hotel for the night on Saturday and I will plan my walks according to what the weather throws at me.  If the worst comes to the worst my kindle is stocked with books and there is never a shortage of good pubs in the Dales……………….


8 Comments to “Plan B”

  1. Good to hear
    Steady though… bearing in mind the last post… (Not, by the way the “Last Post” in a bugle sort of way!)

  2. I bet Reuben’s looking forward to it. Have you packed his new pyjamas?

    • He watched me pack with suspicion this evening Chrissie as last time he did not get to come along. His PJ’s and new jacket have been packed.

  3. There’s nothing like playing it by ear. It sounds wonderful! Enjoy.

  4. Sounds great! Good luck with it, and let us know how it worked out.

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