A snowy winter’s night on the moor

by backpackingbongos

During my trip to the Yorkshire Dales this weekend there was a twenty-four hour period when the weather was perfect.  A combination of clear skies, snow, a bright moon and sub-zero temperatures meant that I spent a perfect winter’s night on the moor.  For the first time I have attempted to capture one of my backpacking trips on video and talk into the camera.

The sound quality is not always brilliant with the wind sometimes obscuring what I am saying, no worries as I spent most of the time talking nonsense anyway!  The usual trip report with words and photies will be along in the next few days.

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28 Comments to “A snowy winter’s night on the moor”

  1. Looked wonderful! Reminded me of growing up in an isolated Derbyshire farmhouse on the moors above Glossop, in the days when we used to get proper winters but had no central heating. Reuben looked very trendy in his new Ruffwear jacket – bet he appreciated it!

    • It was a splendid place to spend the night Chrissie, but proper cold up there! Reuben got on very well with his new Ruffwear jacket. Except I have just washed it and some of the stitching has come undone. Hopefully I will be able to send it back for a replacement.

  2. Very nice video and what luck to have the place all to yourself. Pleased that there was plenty of firewood. It would have been a cold night otherwise.

    • Hi Alan. I lugged a few kilos of coal up there with me anyway just in case. It’s also good bothy karma to provide fuel when you can. It was still rather chilly in the small hours when the fire had gone out, the windows soon refroze.

  3. I remember that place! I’m guessing the toilet was still frozen solid.

  4. whas that your saying?! ;P

    crackin vid James and a wonderful window of winter light. Absolutely superb stuff.

  5. Excellent James. I’ve done a few “talking to camera” pieces but they never quite work and I feel a bit self concious doing them but I think I should give them a go spice up my own little photo slideshows although it would probably just confirm what everyone thinks, that I’m several logs short of a fire.

    I have the same problem with the wind noise. The sunrise shot at the end with you walking away is stunning. I really should take more video. What was the music by the way

    Looks forward to the full post and where you went. Up in the north Pennines next weekend

  6. The music was by Boards of Canada, they do some rather lovely discordant electronica soundscape stuff. The sunrise really was a treat, although it was absolutely freezing – I had to keep on going back inside to warm up. Enjoy the north Pennines next weekend, it looks like there may be a bit of snow on the hills.

  7. Reuben is quite the camera dog as the last shots of you walking away had no camera shake!

    • He did rather well bob, he held it as steady in his little paws. Actually in reality he refused to leave the bothy that morning whilst i was watching the sun rise as it was far too cold for him!

  8. Ooh! Brought to life – I think I would have set the alarm for every 90 minutes or so to keep the fire in.. Although, Reuben’s quite bright.. You can train dogs to do that sort of thing?

    • I did wake up in the small hours but the fire was beyond bringing to life. It was soon going again as soon as I got up as it was close to freezing again in the bothy. Unfortunately Reuben struggles to hold a shovel so he could not get coal onto the fire.

  9. Nice one James, proper snow up there. Do you think it is still up there ?

    • Mark it was almost all gone 24 hours lalter after a night of heavy rain, I have a feeling that it may return again this week though.

  10. Love the compacted, wind-driven snow on the back wall. Must have been crappy walking into the blizzard that put that there!

    • It looked like that really fine icing sugar like snow Carl, the stuff that gets in everywhere, so im sure it would have been very unpleasant to walk directly into it.

  11. Great idea, the video really brings the sunrise home to the viewer more than a still image. Great stuff, and great place too.

  12. Really enjoyed this, thanks!

    As you say, pity about the sound quality, but it gave a good sense of the place and the conditions.

    If you were aiming to capture how cold it was, I think you succeeded!


  13. Looks like it was a tad chilly up on the moors. Nice video there, I like the sunrise shot. Looking forward to the report.

  14. Thanks Charlie, the report will be along shortly (ish).

  15. How did I miss this – the first transmission of Bongo TV? It’s a very nice wee vid too Mr B, beautiful conditions. I do love a freezing cold night in a bothy with a roaring blaze. Reuben could probably have done with a nice warm labrador to cosy up with…

    • Its good to hear that it met with the approval of Mr Rintoul-Edwards. If I do another one I may well call it Bongo tv! Reuben would have loved to have Dougal to cosy up with, I don’t think he was very happy with the sleeping in a cold bothy thing.

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