The best viewpoint in the Peak District?

by backpackingbongos

Yesterday was a perfect winters day on the Peak District hills, a dusting of snow and unbroken sunshine.  I visited what I consider to be perhaps one of the best viewpoints in the national park, twice.  It was so good in the morning that I had to return later in the day to watch the sun set.

A trip report along soon (ish).

20 Responses to “The best viewpoint in the Peak District?”

  1. Looks absolutely lovely James – bet it was stunning at sunset. Since I’ve never actually been to Bamford Edge before, would you object to going over there again when we rearrange our walk?

  2. That looks like a great place for a wild camp!

  3. oooohoohoohoohoooo, that top one looking along the edge is really, really nice.

  4. Looks superb – and you had a better day than we did in Shropshire!

    Will look out for the report.

  5. Ah, Bamford Edge. A lovely spot. But not as good as High Neb I’m afraid. 😉

    Although I like the look of that snow. I’m up on Kinder on Friday. Lets hope it lasts.

  6. Bloody nice pics mate. That be me on the edge in top pic? Sneaky dog lol

    On way home now and very tired. Was a pleasure meeting you and adorable Reuben again mate 🙂

  7. Never been up Bamford Edge – it was out of bounds when I was in my Dark Peak exploring days. Clearly I need to correct that omission now. Superb photos

    • Thanks Andy. Bamford Edge is well worth a walk as the views looking down the valley are superb, a good walk if you take in Stanage as well.

  8. stunning photos. Peak District is still on my list of ‘places to go’.


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