4.5 kilos of coal

by backpackingbongos

4.5 kilos is pretty negligible.  That’s what I thought as I was putting some coal along with kindling and fire lighters into a clean rubble sack.  The problem comes when you add that 4.5 kilos to a winter backpacking sack.  Why would you want to do that?  No it’s not Backpackingbongos protest against the ‘ultralightweight’ (UL) backpacking movement.  For that a cast iron skillet is an essential bit of kit for the ‘ultraheavyweight’ (UH) backpacker.  I really want to be able to add a T to the last acronym but no sensible ones spring to mind.

I hope to put the coal to good use tomorrow night whilst staying in a remote bothy.  What could be better than a roaring fire, a good book and Reuben for company?  The goal of Sunday and Monday will simply be to walk the five miles each way to the bothy.  If anything else takes my fancy then so be it.  Sometimes it is nice to head out into the hills only for the purpose of a long sleep!

It is several years since I have been to this particular bothy after stumbling upon it one hot summers day.  There is always the risk that it is now locked or maybe inhabited by someone I would not be too keen on sharing with.  A tent is stuffed in my backpack just in case.


21 Comments to “4.5 kilos of coal”

  1. Enjoy the weekend James, reminds me of trip into a scottish bothy once with a 60lb rucksack and two carrier bags with eggs and tins of beans for breakfast for the team!

    Look forward to the write up

    • Hopefully my rucksack does not weigh 60lb Andy as just have noodles for breakfast! Even Reuben has to carry his own stuff these days.

  2. Sounds idyllic again! (Not the extra weight mind.) Wonder where you’re off to this time? Have a great couple of days 🙂

  3. Ultra Heavyweight Trekker…? Possibly milking it a bit…..

  4. The tent is a good call, apparently after the recent storms part of Culra Bothy is now a tad closer to Fort William…

  5. what area you in James? and pictures, as ever, pictures! 🙂

  6. I well recall the Sheiling of Mark one TGO Challenge a few years back. Just a few embers left in the fire, fuel running low and the temperature lower when two lads burst in, one with a rucksack half full of wood, and the other with half a sack of coal on board.

    We ended up with a grand night. Thank the lord that not everyone is devoted to the bizarre UL cult.

    • You can’t beat a fire in a bothy Phil, no point in planning to spend a night in winter without one. All a bit bleak otherwise.

      I bet you were pleased to see those two lads!?

  7. Testosterone? Todger? Tonka? Tosspot? Welcome to the fraternity of the UHTs, Brother James; carrying nearly 5 kilos of coal is as good as the Holy Iron Skillet…

    • Those nearly five kilos did make a big difference to my rucksack though Pete. Rather glad to burn the stuff. I was sorta hoping that you would be around to offer to do the carrying…………………………

      I hope that Testosterone? Todger? Tonka? Tosspot? does not refer to my good self? Well, I would accept Testosterone, being the manly man that I am…………………………

      • You know me, JB, of course I would have done the carrying. Heavens! The Testosterone? Todger? Tonka? Tosspot? would be a collective name for the UHTs – all poor choices as Mike got it right first time round with Ultra Heavy Trekker. Now, where’s my 19th century brass storm lamp and extra gallon of oil in a jerry can?

    • Danny, that looks a good way to get a proper lunch inside you. However I do think that you may be expelled from the lightweight club.

  8. “expelled from the lightweight club”
    cheers again Danny

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