Bongo TV: Moorland days and a bothy night

by backpackingbongos

Last weekend I had a fantastic trip to a remote bothy hidden deep in the North Pennines.  A write-up will be forthcoming some time this week.

In the meantime here is a little bit of Bongo tv.  If you have ever had the urge to watch me mumble into the camera incoherently, then you are going to be spoilt for choice here.  I have also realised that I say ‘err’ a lot which is rather embarrassing.  However I am rather pleased at how the river crossing shot starting at 11 min 45 sec came out.  What you can’t see though is the panic on my face as Reuben nearly knocked my camera into the water……….

29 Comments to “Bongo TV: Moorland days and a bothy night”

  1. Good watch James, would love to stumble upon a bothy myself sometime. The river crossing looked good, I can see why you are pleased with it. I liked Reubens tentative steps trying to find a good footing. Look forward to the write up, thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks Mike. There are plenty of bothies out there for you to stumble across, keep searching the hills for little building symbols marked on the map. I’ll try and get a write up done later this week.

  2. Reading your blog is becoming very addictive…..I find myself looking forward to your latest adventure each week but can’t help wondering if you ever get frightened or aprehensive being out on your own in the dark on the hills? I really want to have a go at wild camping or a night in a bothy but having a companion like Reuben must give that extra peace of mind.

    • A big thanks for your kind words Karen, it means a lot to know that people enjoy reading my waffle! I have to say that I have never really got frightened being out on the hills in the dark, apprehensive yes. I think that if someone was totally confident all the time whilst on a dark hillside things are bound to go wrong.

      Although I have to admit that I have hot footed it out of a remote bothy to pitch my tent because it dawned on me that the place was a little bit ‘creepy’. Reuben is a good companion to have, although it was a bit freaky once when he started growling at something in the dark that I could not see………

      Give wild camping a go, its one of the best things you can do on the hills!

  3. Jim-Bob, that’s stupendous! An excellent, entertaining and imaginitively filmed wee movie. The river crossing shot in particular was rather good. Looked like a close shave with Reuben’s inquisitive inspection. I couldn’t hear all that you were saying but that might be down to the washing machine being on spin cycle while the extractor fan was going on the cooker…

    Now tell me two things: 1) surely that wasn’t all filmed on your LX3? 2) What was the chirpy tune after 9 mins?

    Bongo TV is definitely better than what you get on the goggle box.

    • Thank you Petey-boy. Thankfully all of the random shots from that weekend slotted together ok. Don’t worry about not hearing all that I was saying as I did manage to waffle a bit on camera. In answer to your questions…

      1) Yep it was all filmed on the LX3, a great little camera although the sound is not the best.

      2) The chirpy tune was Mogwai’s ‘How to be a werewolf’ a cracking little number. It has been put to very good use on a lovely little short film called Thirty century man

  4. Hats off to the LX3 once again. I thought the tune was familiar… I’d seen the wee film, but just took the opportunity to view again. good stuff.

    • Seeing that track live at End of the Road was the highlight of the festival. They played the film on a huge screen at the back of the stage, fantastic especially as I was a littlle worse for wear at the time!

  5. Reuben’s getting much better with water now. I really enjoyed that.
    Cheers fella

  6. I spent the night in the little bothy with my son a few years ago during a thaw and the snow on the roof was running down the chimney and putting the fire out! This was before the estate built the new track, so it was a long walk over the moors with two river crossings. I have a pic of the place with Christmas decorations and artificial snow in the windows.
    Don’t tell anybody where it is!

    • It’s a lovely little bothy in a cracking spot Mike. One of the best looked after and respected bothies that I have visited. Don’t worry, I have no intention of letting on where it is. It is a real shame about the track as I am sure that it felt even more remote before it was built. Thankfully the track is blending in with the moors a bit now as when I first visited 5 years ago it was bright yellow!

  7. Liked that lots – Thanks!

    Impressed that you were prepared to get your feet soaked an extra couple of times just for the sake of ‘art’. Or was there a footbridge just out of shot that you could use to retrieve the camera?

    • Cheers Roddy. No footbridge just out of shot for that river crossing unfortunately. I crossed first, placed the camera and then walked back across. I think that is why Reuben is hesitant to walk back across. Luckily the crossing was only 30 mins walk from the car, so I could quickly change my footwear.

    • I had two hi-tec tripods on this trip. The first was a pan turned upside down and the second was a handy boulder!

  8. A very enjoyable video, and I very much like the river crossing scene at the end. Look forward to more.


  9. Errr, cracking, errrr video, errrr, James 🙂

    Makes a decent clip to get someones personal feelings while out and about, really adds something to the the post. Be interesting to compare the vid to the written post when you put it up. I guess with the bothies you come across several ruins on your travels before coming across these little gems

    The river crossing in the sunset piece was just stunning – cheered me right up

    • And what errr, are you errr, trying to say, errr Andy?

      I do come across many ruins when out and about looking for bothies. A tent in the rucksack is an essential bit of kit when bothying! Cheers for the kind words mate.

  10. super vid. Loved it! last shot at sunset with silhouettes of you both is lovely

    • Cheers David. Rather pleased with the sunset river crossing shot. It was an atmospheric moment along on the hills with Reuben.

  11. love it!!
    great music as well and that last clip is brilliant.

  12. Excellent stuff there Mr B. As has been said, that last clip is fantastic. I hope you got some fine pitctures of it too.

  13. Bloody brilliant!! More please!!! 🙂

  14. Grinning from cheek to cheek – just watched it again. Well done. Really enjoyed this mate. You gotta do some more 🙂

    • Thanks mate, it means a lot to get comments like that, especially from a video pro like yourself. I was dead worried that it looked really amateurish. I try and put together another one when next out wild camping.

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