A tropical interlude

by backpackingbongos

There will be radio silence from Bongo land over the next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow I fly with my partner to Sri Lanka for two weeks of beaches and curry.  A totally different experience to spending my holidays shivering in a freezing bothy in the middle of nowhere!

We were last in the country in December 2004 when the Tsunami hit, a really sobering time.  We were one of the lucky ones as we had decided to spend Christmas in the mountains right at the last minute.  Although we did not witness the terrible events it was an upsetting time to be in the country.  Just about every Sri Lankan that we met had lost a loved one that day.

Anyway, it will be great to return to such a magical place and visit some of the beaches we had planned to visit the first time around.  We have avoided going down the package route and staying in one of those hideous resorts full of Europeans.  Instead we have booked several small guesthouses and cabanas and will travel round independently.

Better dust off those flip flops………..

10 Comments to “A tropical interlude”

  1. Enjoy. Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to leave the beard on and shoot a scene from Castaway to bring back to this blog 🙂

    • Cheers Gareth. Unfortunately I have already lost that challenge as all my hair and beard have recently been given a grade zero. I’ll do the ‘baldy’ version of castaway though…………..

  2. Have a great time in skeggy. I’ll be freezing my nether regions off in the pennines next week, spare a thought whilst you’re strutting round in your speedos.

    • Aye, Skeggy should be rather grand young man. Which part of the Pennines are you going to and are you backpacking? I’ll get a photo of me in my speedos to you pronto………..

  3. How I could do with that at the moment – no chance at present, busiest time of the year at work. Have a great time !

  4. No – you can keep the picture of you in Speedos to yourself, thank you very much!

    Have a wonderful time.

  5. I suspect you’ve already gone but hope you have/had a great trip

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