New camera

by backpackingbongos

The cash was splashed earlier on today and I’m the proud owner of a brand new Lumix G3.  Therefore expect the photos on the blog to go downhill for the next couple of months whilst I get to grips with it.  I now have my eye on a lovely looking pancake lens for it………..

24 Comments to “New camera”

  1. Looks very posh and obviously far too complex for the likes of me…have to admit I don’t even know what a ‘pancake lens’ is…

  2. Oooooooooo (eyes like saucers) that is nice 🙂

  3. These cameras seem to be a good compromise between a compact and a full SLR. It should be ideal for in the mountains. We will be expecting even greater things from you now – no pressure of course:-))

    • That’s what I thought David, as I do not want to lug a full size camera around the hills. As for greater things, I took 300 photos yesterday in the hills and only about 10 of them are any good. I blame the light though!

  4. Very nice, you’ll need to get that “pancake” lens smartish, Pancake day next tuesday you know!!

  5. Technology and the outdoors – my 2 favourite money-spending activities

  6. From reading a few reviews for this, it looks like a great piece of kit. A good size : picture quality : price ratio.

    • The reviews are what swung it for me Sheila, not many bad things are said about it. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.

  7. They are a good compromise for the outdoors these cameras. 14 – 42 lens covers most things too.
    Have fun getting used to it.

    • Thanks Alan. I think it may take a while as the settings are a little bit bewildering at the moment, so many combinations that it makes my brain hurt!

  8. I’ve heard pancake lenses can be a bit crepe.

  9. Just got one those myself last week. Like you, I need to get used to all the features etc. One of the reasons I went for it above a full SLR was the size, Hopefully will be easier to carry around the hills.

    • Have you used it in the hills yet Phil and if so how have you got on with it? I took it out yesterday and was a little disappointed with some of my photos, need to play around with the settings a bit more I think.

  10. Very nice. I have lens envy already…. You’ll need a decent tripod to make sure Reuben doesn’t knock it into the river, though…

  11. James – My pal Mike of Mikesimagination uses this camera for everything and loves it. I am of course wondering how you get on with it after the LX3. It is the step up that I am considering next – so keep up some reviews on how you convert across. W

    • The LX3 is a superb camera that I have really enjoyed using. Therefore the G3 has a lot to live up to. I will make sure that a review is done after a few months of use.

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