An anvil or a whale’s tail?

by backpackingbongos

One of the weird and wonderful rock sculptures on the extensive moorland ridge of Bleaklow.  A very atmospheric spot indeed.  However I could not linger as dusk was quickly approaching and I had a few miles to walk back to the car.  A couple of hours later I was very glad that I had packed spare batteries for the headtorch.

A write-up in due course, however before that you will have the ordeal of my Sri Lanka holiday snaps!

26 Comments to “An anvil or a whale’s tail?”

  1. Love the weird rock forms up on Bleaklow, Grinah Stones was one of my favourites

  2. Ahh Bleaklow. I need to head on back up to Bleaklow and take some photos. Love this shot James, great colours and framing.

  3. The only time I have ever been temporarily misplaced ( lost ) in my life was a day I went to do Bleaklow Head almost a decade ago and I ended up at Bleaklow Stones where this rock is, thinking it was Bleaklow Head as the cloud had come in and visibility gone I descended south thinking I was on the Pennine Way when in fact I ended up heading down The Ridge as its called and got completely lost in the dark. I ended up in a right mess running around in the dark scared to death. Ended up thinking to myself, this place has roads all the way road technically, if I follow water down stream I’ll get somewhere, and so I ended up at Ladybower Reservoir instead of Old Glossop. A NT ranger who happened to be around chopping down a tree for his christmas tree gave me a lift back to Old Glossop. Scariest time ever I’ve spent in the hills and taught me an immense amount about myself and the outdoors.

    • It is totally easy to get ‘misplaced’ up there Jamie, even when the visibility is good. It’s taken me a few visits now to get a good feel for the land. Even the short walk on Sunday between Bleaklow and Near Bleaklow Stones was tricky with all the peat hags in the way, would be difficult to keep a bearing in the mist. Lucky that NT ranger was there to give you a lift!

  4. Anyone can see that it is a Rope Cleat. Whale’s tail, I ask you!

    Nice places those high moor tops and edges ain’t they. Some of the best.

  5. RA!… do i spy the new camera? Nice

    • Indeed you do Dave!

      • that’s a fine fine shot sir, it sort of ripples and flexes (not a flashback, honest!) Can u tell me, does it take a standard lumix 4/3’s lens diameter? – I’m looking to upgrade to full HD from the pana GF1, and the g3 looks just the ticket…but keeping my current lenses would mean I could actually afford it 😉

      • Thank you very much Sir! I have a feeling that the G3 will take the same lenses as the GF1, although maybe check that out officially. You could then get the camera body only and use your exisiting lenses.

        I took over 300 pics on Sunday, playing with just about every combination of setting. Fun sitting at home afterwards on my pc seeing what the effect was. Unfortunately the effects were mostly rubbish, but I have ended up with some shots I am very happy with. It will take me a while longer to fully get used to the camera. Still shooting in JPEG though, thinking about giving RAW a go soon and trying out Adobe lightroom. At the moment I dont do any post image processing as simply too lazy………

  6. Was a lovely day on Sunday wasn’t it? And now you mention it, it could be a whale’s tail…

  7. Its actually the Monty Python “foot” upside down 🙂

  8. Great photo.

  9. Nice pic James. Process from RAW if you can, the level of control this will allow you will take your images to another level. It takes up time but certainly makes a significant difference to the end result.

    • Thanks David. RAW is something that I will be using soon, looking into purchasing a software package at the moment. Thinking of Lightroom, is that any good?

      • I don’t use lightroom. I use Canons own RAW conversion software “Digital Photo Professional” and make any further changes with the converted file in Adobe CS. Lightroom is certainly used by a lot of pro togs and they all seem to be very positive about it. I have been tempted to get lightroom (and would if I was starting afresh) but I always seem to find other kit and software that takes priority. Photography nowadays tends to feel a bit like you have a hole in your pocket money wise.

    • Thanks David, I will start saving up as Lightroom does not come cheap!

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