A Trailstar, a dog and no real plan

by backpackingbongos

A pile of kit sits by the front door, including a rucksack complete with the necessary items for an overnighter.  Reuben keeps on sniffing his pack which is full of luxuries such as a smelly blanket and meaty sticks.  Another couple of bags are full of coal and wood.

I don’t really have a full plan as to do with all that stuff to be honest.  All I do know is that I fancy a night wild camping somewhere very remote in my trailstar followed by a night in a bothy.  I think I’m coming down with a cold so nothing heroic, just the act of being outside for a couple of days.

I’m gonna point the car in the direction of mid Wales.

A couple of days where I will make up the rules as I go along.

19 Comments to “A Trailstar, a dog and no real plan”

  1. That is so the right thing to do.

  2. sounds like a plan……kind of 🙂

    mid Wales eh…….? Good choice sir!

  3. Enjoy – have a good one – look forward to the write up

  4. Well the weather at least was good today! Kentmere, Cumbria was beautiful – no rain for once, but the paths had taken on the role of Kent tributaries

  5. Sometimes a vague plan, or practically no plan at all is the best approach. Let serendipity take the helm. Have a good one!

    • Thanks. Sometimes it is good to go with the wind and see what happens. Back now and luckily nothing went wrong on the trip without a plan!

  6. What! Another cold?

    I am going to get a Trailstar!

    On a plus note, Wendy is all repaired now and raring to go again.

    • I reserve the right to get a cold every couple of months Andy!

      Nice one on the Trailstar news and its good to hear that Wendy is repaired, is she going on the Challenge?

  7. I expect Reuben’s just glad that he’s not off to Dog Prison again! Have a good weekend – I am so envious……..

    • I hope that your ankle is on the mend Chrissie, fingers crossed you will be out and about once again come the spring. Reuben was very happy not to be sent back to doggie prison!

  8. Lol, I can tell u ain’t got kids mate, those were the days, I have to put in a proposition to the wife for my backpack wkends, off to the Keilder Forest in mid March, can’t wait! Have a gud-un, Si

    • You have guessed right! My partner is happy for me to bugger off for a few days at the drop of the hat. Which is nice…….

  9. Even when you get official permission, it is still waiting for a suitable moment to be used against you like a loaded gun! Sigh!!

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