Wild camp sunrise

by backpackingbongos

As I turned over to go back to sleep I noticed a pinkish tinge filtering under the Trailstar.  The wind had finally dropped and the inside of my shelter was covered in a layer of frost.  Thankfully the forecast low cloud and mist had not materialised.  I slid out of my sleeping bag, still dressed in my down jacket and headed for the door.  The cold silent air bit at my face as I pulled my hat to cover my ears.  I had woken just in time to witness something magical.

36 Comments to “Wild camp sunrise”

  1. Wonderful! I see Reuben was taken with the view too…
    BTW, doesn’t that pitch look a bit tussocky for you?

    • Yes the ground was a little bit lumpy Chrissie but it was by far the best spot for miles and miles. The rest of the area was monster tussocks and bogs so I was happy with what I got!

  2. Now that’s a real tease. Where is that… No obvious summits, and the one you’re pitched on isn’t *that* much higher than the surroundings. Shot in the morning, so the tent is facing roughly north…

    That valley in the middle distance looks very steep sided, and you mentioned Mid-Wales, I’m going to guess Elan Valley, maybe Gorllwyn…?

    • Pretty spot on there Roddy. I was on a small rise called Carreg yr Ast which is just north east of Drygarn Fawr. A superb spot for a wild camp.

      • Been there, but not camped. It’s got some nice rocky bits around it, rather than just endless grass. Clue’s in the name, I guess. I feel a need to go back there soon. Did you stay at Claerddu?

    • I spend last night at Claerddu, a wonderful spot.

  3. Always nice to see a happy hound with his shelter ….now if we could just teach our hounds to put the shelters up for us !!!

  4. Ho hum, nothing on the telly again…


    I need to hit some hills.

    Snake pass in a week and a bit, and then near Warwick bridge at end of March.

    Can’t wait!

  6. Thinking about an overnight up on the summit of Drygarn Fawr when spring arrives – was up there in the autumn, not much in the way of dry ground up there!

    Stunning area and a cracking couple of photos

    • Plenty of good places near the summit to pitch a tent Andy as the grass is less tussocky and the bogs less boggy! It’s a breezy spot though so don’t go when it is forecast to blow as not much shelter.

  7. As ever, I’ll display my envy at you Sir.

  8. Lovely spot for an overnight camp. Super sunrise!

  9. Lucky you!

  10. Nice spot to camp James. Ice on the shelter too. New camera is delivering the shots nicely. Look forward to the trip write up.

    • Cheers Martin. Once the wind dropped in the night frost quickly formed on the Trailstar, strangely as the temp dropped I actually felt warmer. The Trailstar can be ‘airy’ without a bivy bag. Enjoying the new camera.

  11. That Trailstar tarp/shelter looks brilliant!……stunning sunrise too of course!

    • Thanks Pete. The Trailstar is a cracking shelter, pretty bomb proof and very roomy. Perfect for sharing with a mucky dog.

  12. Fantastic, are you pleased with the new camera so far? The results look pretty good. I’ve not managed to take mine out in the hills yet, hopefully soon.

    • I am pleased with the camera Phil, its a steep learning curve coming from my last camera but I am getting there. Although for every good shot I probably take 20 rubbish ones. Need a spare battery and memory card!

  13. Great photos! Obviously the camera and operator have a lot to say in capturing a fantastic image, but so does putting yourself in the right place at the right time – which you did!

    • I think that the scenery and the lighting conditions did all the work for me Jules. But I will take the credit for getting up early on a Sunday morning!

  14. That makes me want to dig my tent out and head for the hills. But I just know that when I get there my experience will be totally different to yours.
    Alen McF

    • The great thing about camping out in the hills Alen is that each time is different. The forecast for that morning was meant to have been low cloud and drizzle, I was thankful that it was wrong!

  15. James – when I have finished all my work bits, I will be looking to get out and enjoy the sort of views you had. Great photos.

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