A short blast of winter

by backpackingbongos

Yesterday whilst driving up a high Pennine road the heavy rain was replaced by snow hitting the windscreen in a disorientating fashion.  The grey landscape transformed to a white one shrouded in swirling mists as I drove higher and higher.  Thankfully the road remained passable and I was able to make the rendezvous point on time.

Two half days snatched in the hills with a night spent in front of a bothy fire.  With great company the hours quickly dissolved.  Waking up on a Monday morning deep in the hills and with the sun shining is a tonic for the soul.

I’m now three trip reports behind on the blog, expect a regurgitation of words and photos in the next week or so.

16 Comments to “A short blast of winter”

  1. ‘…a regurgitation of words and pictures’, that’s some image.

  2. The Lakes had a smattering of high level snow when I woke up on Sunday, and all along the M6 we could the Pennines and the High Peak had taken a dumping of the stuff too. A pity it fell one day too late. 😦

  3. Just back from the southern highlands and there was a light dusting over 3000 feet but nowt else. Glorious day on Sunday though. Look forward to the projectile expulsion to follow…….

    • Not been to the Southern Highlands Andy so look forward to hearing about that. There was a definate line where the snow fell, looking north there was much less. The weather front must have been pretty clearly defined with the north having much better weather.

  4. Look forward to them – keep them coming James

  5. A nice, cozy fire would have been lovely in that weather! Was that the same bothy as last time then?

    • A fire was very much appreciated Chrissie, although I was daft enough to camp outside. There was a thick frost on the tent prior to going to bed and Reuben was not impressed! It was indeed the same cosy little bothy.

  6. Got a bit behind, myself, and need to catch up some. Look forward to the full reports in due course.

  7. Get writing those reports James. I am looking forward to them.

  8. Hi James good to meet you and walk with you. nice to see i made a little appearance on your blog.


    • Hi Keith, it was a pleasure to meet you. You will have a much bigger appearance on the blog when I get round to doing the write up. Hope to see you again in the hills.

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