Pledge for Talla and Gameshope

by backpackingbongos

Last April I took myself to the Borders for a wonderful four day backpack.  On the second day I was descending from the huge plateau of Broad Law and decided to detour to Talla Cleuch Head.  The view that suddenly opened up was staggering as the ground fell steeply away down to the Talla Water.  My eye was drawn forward towards a deep cleft in the hills containing Games Hope Burn and I thought about the night spent in the bothy sheltering within its depths.

Why the reminiscing I hear you ask?  A lovely post by David Lintern pointed out that a huge area of this land is up for sale and the John Muir Trust and Borders Forest Trust are raising funds to purchase the estate.  Looking at the boundary map it correlates almost exactly with the last two and a half days of that backpack.  I chose my route for its wildness and sense of isolation, escape and freedom.  I find it uplifting to think that a place such as this could end up in the hands of organisations that will protect and enhance its wild character and wildlife.  This is very important due to the many demands now being put on our wildest landscapes due to inappropriate developments.

Information on how to make a pledge to the John Muir trust to raise funds to purchase this land can be found here.

I wrote a lengthy trip report about my backpack through the high rolling hills and empty glens, hopefully it will give you a taster of what the area up for sale has to offer.  Anyway, surely a bog with the name Rotten Bottom is well worth purchasing.

A murky view on the way to the summit of Talla Cleuch Head, looking towards Games Hope Burn.

Wild camping at the head of Talla Water.

The sun setting behind Molls Cleuch Dod.

Looking towards Talla Reservoir from Lochcraig Head.

Looking back along the length of Talla Water.

Donalds Cleuch which feeds into Games Hope Burn.  A larger and wilder version of the Howgills?

Gameshope Loch.

I have just made a pledge for this wild land.  Will you?


8 Comments to “Pledge for Talla and Gameshope”

  1. Is that a year ago already? Cripes. Just had a look at Mr Lintern’s excellent post; it’s good news that the JMT are planning a bid, otherwise you wouldn’t put it past the landowners deciding to stuff their snouts in the old wind turbine trough at some point. On the subject of this area, we did a walk round the Hart Fell horseshoe the other week – couldn’t see a sausage though the clag was that thick, still a great walk though…

    • Aye a year does fly by really quickly Pete, last April you had a small bundle of brown fluff on the lead. Not seen the boy for a while but I’m assuming that he may have put on a few kilos? The Hart Fell horseshoe is a great walk, shame you did not see a sausage, Dougal would have enjoyed that.

      Don’t forget that it’s easy to make a pledge to the JMT!

  2. Stunning looking area. I must admit I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the high, sweeping, grassy, type of hills. Had a look at David Lintern’s post too. Still hoping I might get up there at the Spring Bank holiday!

  3. Thanks for alerting me to this.

  4. As you say, rather like a larger version of the Howgills. In which case it has much to commend it. I’ll shall be following the link …..

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