The ice creeps back

by backpackingbongos

Last night even before the sun dipped below the horizon frost was spreading from the ground to my Trailstar.  Buried in a bivvy wrapped winter sleeping bag I slept in two base layers and a hooded down jacket.  The icy cold touch of winter still found its way through all those layers.  By morning the foot of my bivvy bag was coated in frost.  Reuben beside me was invisible under his blanket.  The advance of spring was on hold whilst winter crept back uninvited.


20 Comments to “The ice creeps back”

  1. Love the photo – very atmospheric.

  2. I think we have all been spoilt with the warm spell. Last weekend I wild camped in the Lakes and we walked up in Tshirts, today I had my winter kit back on again. “Never cast a clout till May is out” is the old saying. That certainly rings true up here – It was minus 4 in upper Teesdale last night. At least with this time of year, if it is frosty it usually means clear skies.

    • It was frustrating having all that warm spring weather and not being able to get out in it, I knew that as soon as I ventured into the hills winter would return. It was minus four inside my shelter during the night, not sure how cold it got down to outside. Too cold anyway!

  3. Hoping for a 2 day backpack near Elan Reservoir area from Wednesday. Weather looking good but night time looks brrrrr and as yet have not invested in a down winter bag. I have a snugpak which would be fine but not down and fine for camping out of a canoe, but takes up most of backpack! Hoping my brother in law has a spare.

    • A good warm bag is worth its weight Bob if it is forecast to be cold. You only end up suffering otherwise. You can always sleep in your clothes if the temperature dips too much.

  4. As the old saying goes – “Never cast a clout till May is out” !!

  5. Out again, nice one. very clear in the day means very cold at night!

    • As the clouds cleared during the afternoon it was evident that the temperature was going to drop. Wild camping in a valley at 500m also probably did not help. It was a lovely sunny morning though.

  6. Great photo, James. We actually have snow and minus temps now – after a few days of sunshine which allowed all old snow to melt away. Seems winter returns for a bit more!

    • Cheers Hendrik. Sounds like it is much colder in Finland that England at the moment. Up in Scotland it was 23C last Tuesday, tomorrow it may only get up to 3C, a huge contrast!

      • Not much colder really (except it is still in the 20s!), but it has been dumping about 20 cm of new snow today, and no end in sight. Quite a change from last week, as the streets were empty and they cleaned them also already from the grit. Now walking with a pram is a real good workout 😀 Not complaining, though!

    • 20 cm of snow in Nottingham and the whole city would grind to a standstill. Aberdeenshire received 6 inches worth last night which is pretty impressive.

  7. Heading up north tomorrow – for work, not pleasure (boooo, hissss) – and seeing possible snow forecast. So winter is not completely over yet!

    Nice pic.

    • Shame that you can’t get into the hills whilst you are up there Jules. Looks like the Peak District may get some tonight.

  8. Well that’s cheered me right up. Off to Rum over Easter weekend and I had my shorts, shades, sun-hats and sun cream on standby. Looks like it’s fleeces, gloves, axes and crampons now. 🙂

    Took me a few seconds to work out what the photo was – very clever!

    • Rum will be amazing whatever the weather Andy, a truly magical place. Hopefully a spot of cold weather will keep the ticks under control, there are a large number of the critters on the island. You would have to be mad to wear shorts whilst hiking there!

  9. We all love the snow, then we all love then sun. Which is it? We’re such fickle beasts. What we need is hot snow.

    • I would go with those rare days when the ground is covered with snow and the temperature is sub zero. However due to the lack of wind and a strong sun it feels very warm and you go home at the end of the day with sunburn. That’s not happened for a while!

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