Nose and mouth

by backpackingbongos

Thanks to the lovely Corrina and friends I received a new lens for my Panasonic G3 camera today.  It is a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake which should be good in low light and let me be creative with depth of field.  It is depth of field which I was experimenting with today with my trusty model Reuben.  I decided to use his nose and mouth as the focus for my photographs.


16 Comments to “Nose and mouth”

  1. I swear he’s becoming more handsome by the day……
    Is it your birthday, or just a present for no particular reason?

    • I have to agree with you there Chrissie. I do wish that I got presents like that for no particular reason. It’s my birthday in just over a week, one of those big milestone ones unfortunately. We are away for the week so I was allowed it early to get in some practice.

      • Well I hope you have a good birthday and a super week away. Having long past that particular milestone I can say that I found it no big deal, although the next one was a little harder…… I try not to think about it too much though as I still think I’m only about 18 really! 😀

      • Thanks Chrissie. All going well this time next week we will be in the Highlands in a cosy cottage, looking forward to it.

  2. I love these photos. He’s such a lovely dog.

  3. I know were that nose has been.

  4. Ah, birthday’s
    Reuben does pose well I must say.

    I got a paperback book and a card for my birthday.
    I must say, I would have loved a 20 or 30 pancake lens for the NX10, but that’s life.
    My mum did buy me an MLD bivvy bag though, so I cannot complain.

    Yes I can!

    • A MLD bivvy bag aint too bad for your birthday Andy. Reuben says thanks for saying that he can pose well!

  5. Impressive! And the lens work ain’t bad either 😀 . He does take a crackin’ photo. Maisie won’t come that close to the camera and tends to look away most of the time. Maybe I should put a lump of chicken on top of the flash.

    • Cheers. What you can’t see in each of the photos is my other hand holding Reuben’s favourite ball just out of shot. He loves that ball and will stare at it for hours……

  6. Not to worry James, reaching the ripe old age of 50 will come to all of us eventually – don’t get down about it 🙂

    Those last couple of photos are a treat – people used to say I was mad when I said my dog genuinely smiled but Reuben is proving me right

    • He has a proper ‘Staffy’ mouth on his does Reuben, his whole head is hinged! As for 50, you cheeky begger…..

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