The hairy hiker

by backpackingbongos

This afternoon I was instructed to tidy my room by Missy Bongo as she is convinced that I have hoarding tendencies.  A few hours were spent delving through boxes that have not been opened for decades and a giant pile was created ready to be recycled tomorrow.

I found some old photos squirreled away of the day that I decided to have my dreadlocks cut off.  The year was 1998 and I had just finished my stint as a mature student at University.  Rather than join the rat race I thought that life would be much more enjoyable if I bummed around India for a few months instead.  It was going to be hot and dirty and they were getting heavy.  It was time for them to go………..


22 Comments to “The hairy hiker”

  1. Oh.My.God…!!!

    PS I wish I had picture taken during my heavy metal phase, no dreads but as long as yours. Then I had national service to attend and had to chop them down…sigh

  2. Now that is scary….(says she, confident that there are no photos around any more that show her ’80’s perm…)

  3. Where’s the bong hidden?

  4. Wow, serious hair there James. You look so young in that picture as well. If you grew your hair to that length again you would never be cold when sleeping in your Trailstar 🙂

  5. aaah, the sweet smell of the nineties. Boulter, you reprobate.

  6. Bloody hell! Your hair is longer than mine in those photos. Luckily I still have at least two years to catch you up before I may have to lose the locks.

  7. Crikey! That’s a barnet and a half!

    Reminds me of when I was young, fit and skinny – well, young and skinny – well, young (ish, at any rate!) and had hair half way down my back.

    Oh, those hirsuit days of youth! Nowadays, it’s all buggered off somewhere ……

  8. Bloody Hell! Now that’s a look for radio 🙂

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