Day walks page updated

by backpackingbongos

Five whole days off in a row and I have not taken myself to the hills at all this weekend.  A Bank holiday combined with rain usually assures misery in the hilly parts of the UK so I decided to stay at home.  Anyway, a trip this weekend would be super self-indulgent when we will be in a remote spot in the Highland this time next week.  Some luxury to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Therefore I have just done a bit of tidying up of the ‘Trip reports – day walks‘ page this afternoon.  There are 67 individual walks on there now and they have been grouped into areas.  The Peak District features pretty heavily with 26 walks.  I hope that someone finds them handy for when planning a walk.

Time now to take Reuben for a walk though our local woods.  We are lucky that although we only live a mile from the city centre, we have a nature reserve a 5 minute walk from the front door.  There are a myriad of paths running through the woods and some excellent viewpoints over the city.  A couple of days ago I took a slightly different route than usual and came across a glade full of bluebells.  Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far for a tiny taste of wild places.


6 Comments to “Day walks page updated”

  1. Great shots! Seems like you got the best of the weather yesterday!

    • Lucky considering how rubbish most of the weekend was, managed to be out for the ten minutes that the sun shone!

  2. Oh and I hope you don’t mind me asking but: how do I get myself on your Blogroll?

    • My blog roll is well out of date at the moment, something that I plan to work on when I get the time. I’ll pop you on then.

  3. I think I have asked this before, but forgotten. What type dog do you have there mate?

    • Reuben is a Staffy cross. Not sure what he is crossed with but I think he may have a bit of greyhound in him.

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