Map 430

by backpackingbongos

I do love a good Ordnance Survey map, some of them are things of beauty.  My favourites are those that show extensive areas of wild land, untroubled by intrusions such as roads.  One such map is Explorer 430 which is full of bunched together squiggly contour lines, unbridged rivers and a splattering of lochs and lochans.  There is a paucity of roads, with the A890 upsetting the top corner of the map and a couple of dead-end single track roads teasing their way into the glens.

I hope to get to know part of Explorer 430 very well over the coming week.  I officially become an adult on Tuesday and turn 40.  To celebrate I am retreating to a cottage in the Highlands with Corrina and Reuben.  Can’t wait to get up there.

16 Comments to “Map 430”

  1. happy berfday grandad, that sounds smashing. I was supposed to be out this weekend but am nursing a chest infection instead.

  2. Ooh I like a nice 1:25000 myself.
    Only 40, Just a bloody kid!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Wonderful choice there, bit partial to a 1:25000 myself, things of utter beauty.
    Hoppy Birdy!

  4. A top area. Glen Strathfarrar is superb with some wonderful natural Scots Pine forests. Have a great trip and birthday, don’t eat too much jelly and ice cream

  5. Have a great birthday and grand walks. I can just remember 40. The great days are still to come.

  6. What a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday.

  7. Happy birthday young whippersnapper. I was forty once. Hard to believe, but true. Cracking country you’ve chosen.

  8. Cheers everyone. There will now be radio silence for a while…………………..

  9. Happy birthday James. You’ll have a smashing time and I’m looking forward to the photos and write up.

  10. It’s a bloody good area round there. The ridge along the north of Glen Affric/south of Glen Cannich is stunning. We tried (and failed) to do it in a day with backpacking gear, but with day packs it could be stretched over a couple of leisurely days. The area to the north of Loch Monar is as of yet unvisited but Sguur a Chaorachain looks like quite the mountain from the contours.

  11. Have a great time. Wonderful area.

  12. Looks an awesome area to explore I am deeply jealous, just a point of note though, turning 40 does not necessarily make you an adult, I’m 45’ish and still waiting to grow up! 🙂 Stay young, stay hungry, stay foolish!

  13. James, probably won’t get this as I guess you are away by now. Have a good one 🙂

  14. 1:25k – not good odds in a bookies, but a great ratio for a map! I’m another that is more than a bit partial to those foldy, orange things.

    Oh, and have a great day on Tuesday!


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