by backpackingbongos

As I reached the summit ridge my jaw dropped, the whole of the Northern Highlands were laid out in front of me.  To the east was the snowy bulk of Ben Wyvis, then the Fannichs with its rollercoaster ridges.  Far to the north-west I could make out the Fisherfield hills, the rocky bastion of Slioch being an impressive sight.  Liathach in Torridon blocked out any further views to the west.  However seeing Ben Wyvis and Liathach with one turn of the head is not bad going.

I turned to the south and gazed out towards the Strathfarrar Munros but my attention was caught by Meallan nan Uan.  Steep and rocky and plastered with snow it was blocking the way back to the car.  My mind started to drift to my ice axe and crampons which were not in my rucksack…….

17 Comments to “Spellbound”

  1. Crampons and ice axes are heavy and overrated, James. Being able to shot spider webs on the other hand, now that’s something we should talk about.

  2. Well I for one, am not going anywhere without my microspikes on from October through to May next year……

  3. Looking forward to more photos! Looks fantabulous, hope you had a great birthday.

    • It was a cracking week cheers, great to spend time in the mountains. I’m an old fella now mind. See you Friday dude.

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  5. Looking forward to a full report, who needs axe and crampons. I had my own technique – “Leap and Pray”

  6. They’re sort of floating. Cracking picture, Jim!
    Looking forward to your write-up.

    • Cheers Dr Sloman. It was pretty special to turn around 360 degrees and be able to see snowy peaks in all directions.

  7. As ever, I await details. Hurry up with it Mr Boulter. 😉

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