The night the sky caught fire

by backpackingbongos

The plan had been to camp on the summit, but a perfectly flat ledge high above the lake persuaded me otherwise.  It is not very often that I get to pitch so high, it felt that the whole of Wales lay at my feet.  Then began a natural spectacle that I never tire of seeing………

28 Comments to “The night the sky caught fire”

  1. A nice bit of pre-post titivation there, Mr B. Looks a lot better conditions than those poor TGOers have been experiencing. The trees are shaking and the rain is lashing down on Mingarry Street, Christ knows what it’s like in the Highlands! Anyway, looks like a fine bivvy you had there, with a sublime sunset indeed. See that really deep orange? I’ve just painted our kitchen that exact colour…

    • Pre-post titivation eh? i was actually planning to head for a quick jaunt to Arran but the weather there looked rubbish, closer to home was a wise choice in the end.

      Mmm deep orange kitchen sounds nice. We did ours bright yellow 12 years ago. Now with years of animals and cooking it just looks like a heavy smoker has been in residence………………

  2. A great spot James, is it somewhere in Mid Wales?

  3. Beautiful stuff James, it was a lovely weekend to be out and about.

    • I just wish that I had put on my suncream now, a very red neck and nose. With the weather of late I had forgotten it is May!

  4. Gah, I’m suffering serious envy. I was *so* hoping to get out this weekend but all I managed was a quick couple of hours from the front door. If you’re perched above Llyn Llygad Rheidol, looking over to Pumlumon Fach I will be even more p*ssed off as that’s not a million miles from where I was hoping to be 😦

    • You are spot on Roddy, I was right on the 670 metre contour on a ledge overlooking Llyn Llygad Rheidol. Cracking spot it was.

      • Lovely! I was up there in the snow in Feb, which was glorious. But, not camping… Get in touch next time you head towards mid Wales. Coffee, banter and dog biscuits all available.

    • Will do Roddy when next back in that part of the world.

  5. Great pics. looking forward to the full write up. i was at work all weekend, in the best weather for ages!

    • I just decided to grab the small weather window whilst it lasted, shame you had to work at the weekend Ian.

  6. Beautiful photos, makes you want to get outdoors if only it wasn’t always raining down here in the south everyday for as long as I can remember, looking forward to the blogpost with envy.

  7. James – At the moment we are in the town of La Cote-St-Andre, The bit of flat land between the Massif and the Alps in France. Perfect weather here on the pilgrims route – Compostella ( which we are doing in reverse by accident – no idea where it goes but we have been on it for a few hundred K’s ). You do ‘ get out there and get lucky ‘ as Arnold Palmer may have said. Do you look back now at older posts and wish you had been carrying the new camera. Keep on inspiring James. Not a single Bongo viewed in over 3,000k in Europe here

    • Hi Warren. That sounds rather magical to be honest, glad that you are having a blast. I’m about 5 posts behind on your blog at the moment. Some catching up to do one lazy afternoon. Has the new camera made a difference on this blog? I’m enjoying using it and hope to master it to its full potential.

  8. You’re starting to become a tad predictable. Maybe head out in some dismal weather for once?

    • I sit there all week watching the weather forecast, I changed my plans 3 times just to get good weather! I do dislike the rain Charlie!

  9. That looks a magical spot. All those efforts to find the good weather certainly paid off!

    • I decided to chase the good weather this time Nick. I used to stick to my plans and endure bad weather, often can’t be bothered to do that any more.

  10. Hi James, that spot doesn’t look too far from a pitch I had on Pumlumon last July, on a clear night the sunset from up there is spectacular. Looking forward to seeing the other pics.

  11. Stunning mate. Simply stunning ya lucky beggar! 🙂

  12. Great minds think alike, planing on a near summit camp some time in the summer up there. I was thinking on top of one of the small hills just to the north of the summit some nice flat spots and not too far to fetch water. Sunset photo is sublime – makes the rest of life’s little miseries melt away

    • Go for it Andy, lovely area. On my last visit to these hills I camped on a couple of the summits to the north, check out my backpacking page under Mid wales.

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