Sleeping high in the Highlands

by backpackingbongos

It’s easy planning a backpack over several mountains from the comfort of your sofa.  You then find reality giving you a big sweaty slap in the face as the second Munro of the day towers above you.  Anyway, despite gasping lungs, wobbly legs, ripped trail shoes and a dinted camera I have just spent a splendid bank holiday weekend roaming the Scottish hills.  The most magical part for me was the opportunity to pitch my Trailstar close to the summits each night, an array of peaks filling the horizon.  What really surprised me was how quiet the hills were considering it was a bank holiday, apart from the tops of a couple of Munros I only had sheep and deer for company.

It will be a week or so before I do a write-up as the Bongo is getting dusted off this weekend for the No Direction Home Festival.  In the meantime here is a photo taken during what was a dull and overcast evening.  Laying in my sleeping bag the Trailstar walls suddenly turned a vivid orange and I got up to witness a magical sunset.

Pitched around the 840 metre contour near the summit of Cam Chreag, with the sun setting behind the Bridge of Orchy hills.

28 Comments to “Sleeping high in the Highlands”

  1. Sounds fantastic, looking forward to the write up.

  2. Jealous! Stunning photo, get that write up done….

    • Thanks, unfortunately most of the rest of my photos are a bit dull and washed out due to that grey high level cloud you get. Still, it was great to see where I was walking!

  3. If we’d had a close look on our way back from Harris we’d have probably seen you bobbing around on the hills… Have a good festival, Mr B.

    • Oooh Harris again Pete. Very nice. I demand a write up or at least some photies on your blog as it has gone very quiet on there.

  4. Nice one james. Enjoy the festival

  5. Superb. Get writing that up.

  6. Nice shot James. I was in Scotland over the weekend (Dumfries and Galloway) and the midges were horrendous. Hope you had better luck up high.

    • Cheers david, I was pleased with how that one came out. D and G can be really bad for midges. Luckily apart from the first couple of hours after leaving the car the trip was midge free. I did camp high and exposed though which helps.

  7. James – you have cost me a fortune – just upgraded to Panasonic GX1 which is mostly your fault. I can not over state how much I admire you ‘ getting out ‘ so much. Your stats are earned – Great work as usual. W

    • Excellent, good to hear that you have splashed out Warren, a good camera that. Thanks for your kind words.

  8. If your weather was like ours you were very lucky! We’re still here and it changed somewhat on wednesday…

  9. James, look forward to the write-up. Just back from Knoydart myself – great weather and stunning landscapes !

  10. Cracking photo, it’s moments like that, that make wild camps magical

  11. I can identify with those first two sentences. great picture, by the way.
    Cheers, Alen McF

    • I have to admit that those first two sentences often reflect how my planning impacts on the reality of the trip. Thanks for your comment.

  12. Great picture, hope the camera is not badly dinted.

  13. James…love the pic…and your 40th break pictures too. I am so jealous of all the trips you fit in….but I guess that just shows your true passion for the hills. We are still looking into a Bongo…is yours properly converted or do you just use it to crash out instead of the tent from time to time.

    • Thank you for your kind words Karen. Our Bongo is not converted, we just fold the seats back and sleep on the floor which is actually really comfy with good mats. Makes the van so much more versatile that way.

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