Trailshoes vs the mountains

by backpackingbongos

Unfortunately the mountain won after a misplaced step, flimsy fabric proving to be no match for Scottish geology.

A real pity as these La Sportiva Raptors have been pretty comfortable and grip steep grass and rocks like limpets.  It has made me re-evaluate the wisdom of wearing slippers in the mountains.  But slippers are so much more breathable and comfy than boots…………

Off to the cobblers to see if they can be repaired.  I’m still keen not to get the boots out again until the autumn.

21 Comments to “Trailshoes vs the mountains”

  1. Slippers are very comfy on the hills, but it gets a bit expensive when you need a new pair after every few trips. Rock, bog and heather is quite an abrasive combination. They’re quite useful should you melt your boots in front of a bothy fire though…

    • Indeed those hills are very abrasive. Although I have nearly worn out those nice new leather boots that I got last Autumn. Strangely from the inside out. Still nice and shiny on the outside but they look like Dougal has had fun with the inners…………

      The good thing with slippers is that they don’t need to be melted in front of a bothy fire in the first place!

  2. Probably because I’m an old git but I’m still not yet convinced by trail shoes. Having said that I was out walking on Friday in the welsh monsoon and had to ford several deep streams in my trail shoes helping the kids across. I don’t think my feet were that much wetter than when I was on Rum in my heavy leather mountain boots. The Jones jury is out but the verdict is still in the balance

    • Even old gits wear trailshoes these days Andy! I would give them a go, especially if summer eventually arrives. Once you have got your feet wet you can simply plough through the wet stuff without a care in the world!

  3. I’m definitely a trail shoes guy. Inov8 Roclites in general. They are light, flexible and grippy. When I used to wear boots I’d end each day with sore feet after having them stuck in stiff soles all day. Flexible shoes, flexible soles have got rid of that. They do wear out faster, but so be it. I’ll happily spend £90 a year for a new pair. I use them in winter too in soft snow with seal skinz.

    • Not keen on them for winter Chris as I hate seal skinz as they just don’t fit me right. I would happily also spend £90 on a new pair each year, its just getting them to last that long which is the problem!

  4. I have slowly been convinced by using trail shoes. I now have a set on there way. Using them will definitely depend on the weather, wet feet do not agree with me. I will reserve judgement until I have tried it 🙂

    Shame about the Raptors though, not much wins against the Scottish landscape. Hope you can get them repaired.

    • You will soon be skipping light footed up those hills Davy. A good pair of socks makes all the difference if you your feet are going to be wet all day. I really rate x socks. I’m going to try and get them repaired on Friday.

  5. all the yellow text has fallen off on mine, and some of the thread has frayed, but so far so good. Seam sealing to be done b4 next trip!

  6. Thanks to you and others James I am now converted 🙂 Very cold walk on Bleaklow last week and I was still more comfortable in my trail runners. I’ve got an old pair of La Sportiva Crosslites that were stuck in the loft, now using and loving them. Here’s hoping yours can be rescued……

    • Good to hear it Gareth. Enjoyed reading Martins trip report of when he met you for the day. The weather looked rubbish!

  7. Doesn’t surprise me, James. Though I wear trail shoes most of the year they don’t tend to last long at all. I prefer boots in winter though for obvious reasons. All said and done, I find mids to be a happy compromise on being light on foot, comfortable and durable. Though the latter does depend on many factors of course.

    It all depends on how often folk go out and where. You’re all over the place…so perhaps you’ll be looking at trail shoes that are somewhat more rugged?

    • I really enjoyed wearing good old leather boots this winter Terry, although they also received a good old bashing. I suppose if you are out alot stuff just wears quicker.

      Some unlined mids could do the trick. Not keen on goretex etc in the summer as just too sweaty. I do enjoy trailshoes though as so light and flexible…………..

      • Thats the thing. Durability. I need that or at least more than usual. Agree on the Gore front. Prefer eVent. But I did have some Merrells which were excellent. Hard as nails with lots of holes in fabric and mesh for breathability. Worked a treat. Alas, they’ve died now lol Bit rare to come across a shoe like that in my opinion.

        I got the mids equivalent and they were very good but not as breathable 😦

    • I always find it annoying that just as a boot / shoe is at its most comfortable it is usually on its last legs………

  8. Although I mentioned (somehat flippantly) about not wanting to walk with leaky shoes and wet feet, I am certainly considering a move to lighter footwear … for summer use, at least. Missyg has been “trialling” a pair acquired cheaply from ebay (better/lighter for her after her op) and reports so far are good!

    Whether I will go for a lighter, mid-style fabric shoe/boot or go the whole hog and opt for the leaky seive, I don’t yet know. Perhaps I need to conduct my own tests.

    Gear – doncha just love it! 🙂

    • Aye indeed. There is no right or wrong Jules, its what suits you best and you are most comfortable with. Fun experimenting with new stuff though!

  9. Funny, boots melting in front of a bothy fire cropped up the other day too…
    You’ve still to convince me about trail shoes James though i do own a pair of lightweight salomon boots that i find myself wearing more and more.

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