From one end of the country to the other

by backpackingbongos

It was meant to be simple.  Four days off work in a row, head to the Highlands.  Days spent walking the sun-kissed hills above Rannoch Moor, high level camps to watch the sunset.

It has not worked out like that.

The mountain forecast is one of mist and low cloud and on the damp side.  Not worth the effort and cost of the 750 mile round trip.  Damn it, it seems like you can’t make any outdoor plans this summer.

Currently Dartmoor is looking appealing weather wise (relatively speaking compared to other hill areas) and I have not backpacked there for years.  Off tomorrow morning for three days on the north moor and hopefully two remote wild camps.  Reuben the mountain staffy is in for a treat.

Knowing my luck, as I head south the weather peeps will decide that it will be lovely up north after all and I will be on Dartmoor inside a cloud…………..


8 Comments to “From one end of the country to the other”

  1. I’ve only ever been to Dartmoor for one weekend – about 12 years ago – and I keep saying I’d like to go back and do some wild camps there. Hope the weather holds out for you and Reuben!

  2. It seems we’re all doomed to wet socks this summer… Dartmoor is on my list for late summer. It might have dried up by then..?

    • Waders for me, up to the chest with a good sturdy pair of braces. Should get me across the moors.

      Reuben has got one of those new doggie snorkels…….

  3. mmm, indeed. ben lawyers circuit looking a bit optimistic for next monday. will see. enjoy the moors

  4. Yes, definitely a spring/summer for being flexible in your planning!

    Sounds to me like a second choice, not a second best though.

    Have a great time.


    • Back now Jules and it turns out the weather was rubbish down there as well! Still a good trip though. Thanks.

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