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July 11, 2012

Tornado Titanium Peg giveaway

by backpackingbongos

I feel that one of the things often overlooked when buying a tent is the pegs they are supplied with.  Pretty much without exception they are universally pathetic.  Do you really think that a few hair clips are going to keep your expensive piece of silnylon connected to that boggy exposed mountain?  Supplying cheap, lightweight and crap pegs with a tent is a good way however to get the advertised weight down………………..

Over the years I have been searching for the perfect tent peg and think that I have finally found them.  I accidentally stumbled across a company called Clamcleats a couple of years ago, discovering the Tornado Titanium Peg.  Ever since, they have been keeping both my Scarp1 and Trailstar firmly anchored to various windy spots around the UK.  I’m not going to review a tent peg because that would be a bit dull.  What I would like to do is give away a pack of six of them worth £21.95 to one of my readers.

Simply leave a comment telling me where your dream wild camping destination would be.  You can go anywhere in the world, no expenses spared.  I will pick out one at random on the 26th July and update this post with the winner.  Unfortunately I can only post to an address in the UK.

Disclaimer: I have nowt to do with Clamcleats, I’m just lovely.

And the winner is?

Ian Wood.

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