Tornado Titanium Peg giveaway

by backpackingbongos

I feel that one of the things often overlooked when buying a tent is the pegs they are supplied with.  Pretty much without exception they are universally pathetic.  Do you really think that a few hair clips are going to keep your expensive piece of silnylon connected to that boggy exposed mountain?  Supplying cheap, lightweight and crap pegs with a tent is a good way however to get the advertised weight down………………..

Over the years I have been searching for the perfect tent peg and think that I have finally found them.  I accidentally stumbled across a company called Clamcleats a couple of years ago, discovering the Tornado Titanium Peg.  Ever since, they have been keeping both my Scarp1 and Trailstar firmly anchored to various windy spots around the UK.  I’m not going to review a tent peg because that would be a bit dull.  What I would like to do is give away a pack of six of them worth £21.95 to one of my readers.

Simply leave a comment telling me where your dream wild camping destination would be.  You can go anywhere in the world, no expenses spared.  I will pick out one at random on the 26th July and update this post with the winner.  Unfortunately I can only post to an address in the UK.

Disclaimer: I have nowt to do with Clamcleats, I’m just lovely.

And the winner is?

Ian Wood.

Picked out using

29 Comments to “Tornado Titanium Peg giveaway”

  1. I love to wild camp in Alaska a truly wild place

  2. Oh go on then. A pyramid tent in Antarctica. Sigh.

    I use their significantly cheaper Y pegs and am very pleased with them, but these are extra pimpy and probably better in snow.

  3. Beside Loch Coruisk, Skye. Of course I’d have walked from the north of the misty isle over the Trotternish Ridge and any of the Cuillin I could manage!!!

  4. Got to be Yosemite for me, James.

  5. Atop Ben Nevis in the height of winter but on a dry, clear blue sky day – and in my bivvy is Reuben snuggling up to me to keep warm. He’s also there because he disowned his owner who went wild and attacked a random sheep up Kinder and nearly got shot by a local farmer (“Woof! Wooooffff!” which translates it was a full moon).

    Guess that’s my comment ruled out on envy then? lol 😉

    Nice prize. Tweeted it. Can’t have too many decent pegs like these in my opinion.

  6. On one of the mountains above Tromso.

  7. Getting myself back up to Kinder Scout with a bivvy would be a dream, but my legs don’t work all that good now, so not likely to happen.

  8. ok, I’ll go for it James….. 🙂

    do you know what, I dont mind where in the world I went for a wildcamp as long as I had a few good friends, a stunning sunset and a great bottle of malt to share through the evening.

    If I had to pick a place, it would be The Black Mountains probably on the northern escarpment, purely because I have always enjoyed superb wildcamps there over the year

  9. Somewhere deep and remote in the Rhinogs, watching the sun go down across the sea and hoping that my tent won’t be invaded by goats.

  10. just send me the damned pegs already….

  11. a fine prize. Don’t enter me, cos I just bought some easton pegs and I’m happy with those plus I use the Y pegs from clamcleats same as Frasier. But I’d like to go a wandrin’ in Iceland, or Canada, that would suit me just fine, maybe with one of those fancy blow up dinghy things, they look loads of fun. Please can jim fix this for me, maybe for your next prize draw?

  12. I took the question seriously, thinking that I’d make it somewhere I’d not been before to prevent the reflex ‘west coast of Jura’. Two hours later, having visited the Faroes, St Kilda, Spitsbergen, the Treshnish islands, Eilean Mealasta, the Garvellachs, the Monachs, the Lofoten (western isles is the theme) etc… I’ve lit upon the wee island of Pabbay, just north of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides. Fantastic dune-backed beach, a wee bit hill, a fine fresh water loch, sapphire-blue waters and the most outrageous views… No-one there.

  13. I would probably camp on a beach in Maldives.

  14. Hi there, I think I’d go for somewhere in the arctic circle, northern Norway, to wild camp and watch the northern lights.

  15. My dream wild camping location may sound very mundane but it’s a beautiful wild flower meadow where I walk the dogs everyday. It’s a hive of dog walking activity so not the place for wild camping but it’s the most perfect spot on earth and I’d love to watch the sunset and sunrise there from my little tent.

  16. In Scotland… somewhere in Torridon which I visited for the first time recently. Abroad…Kenya. The Rift Velley and a sky so big you just can’t take it all in…

  17. It’s not exotic, but it will be special… at the moment the dream wild camp is somewhere in East Lothian, near Edinburgh. Preferably by a beach. It will be the first ever night under canvas for my cousin’s two wee boys (age 4 and 6). Their Dad refuses to go camping. We’ve decided to rectify this tragic situation!

  18. These look like the business! My dream wild-camp(s) would be on Eigg & Rum (though there are bothies a-plenty there). I’ll stick with Eigg & imagine myself wild camping at the windy summit of the Sgurr.

  19. Bit of a cheat this camp spot as its not exactly a wild camp, St Agnes campsite on the Isles of Scilly has got to be one hell of a good camp spot and it might as-well be a wild camp, the state the loo’s can get in, but when your sitting there of an evening watching the sun set over the western rocks as the waves lap the shore feet away from you, the gulls calling to each other it truly is a magical place, the pubs pretty near as-well, looking forward to using my new pegs haha

  20. These look just the business… my dream camp would be anywhere I could watch the northern lights

  21. Co Donegal, Ireland. Either top of Slieve Snaght or Slieve Tooey on the coast.

  22. Rannerdale in Cumbria when the bluebells are in flower. The valley floor is a spectacular riot of indigo. Folk lore says the valley was the scene of an ambush of Norman invaders by the locals in the late 11 century and the soil was fertilised by Norman blood. Now it is just a scene of beauty and tranquillity.

  23. Without deepest darkest Ayrshire on the highest hill that feels like its the top of the world. I would have the whole place to myself as no-one walks there….

  24. (And last time I was there I could have done with these) The little ledge at NY297089 by Codale Tarn, Lake District.

  25. I’ve already commented on my dream wild camp, but just felt like saying, I completely agree with the original point. Most lightweight tents come with very poor lightweight pegs. However, I have two Nemo tents, and their pegs are modelled very similar to the Tornados, but made of aluminium I think. Not quite so indestructible, but very well designed and practical!

  26. I can only really comment on spots I’ve camped, tho I’m sure camping in Yosemite would be wonderful. This June I camped for two nights at Loch nan Stuirteag on the Moine Mor. Absolutely wonderful

  27. I’ve always fancied a trip to Iceland so I will probably plump for doing a camp there as well.

  28. Following the old road north of Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis. Saw my first golden eagle here and ended up staying a wee bit too long and had to scramble back to the car in eerie mist. Amazing place – and such incredible views.

  29. This is a really hard choice, with so many wonderful places in the UK, from in Mid Wales, The Lakes, and Scotland. Then who doesn’t dream of Greenland or Spitsbergen, or the high Himalayas. But my choice is a very special place; it’s located on the path that goes from the Trift Hotel above Zermatt in the direction of the Schonbiel Hut. Part way along this wonderful balcony path there’s a small patch of grass with views of the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa with many 4000m peaks on display. A night camped her would be my idea of heaven!

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