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August 1, 2012

Get off my access land – an update

by backpackingbongos

Last night I wrote a letter and emailed it to Powys County Council, the BMC, the Ramblers and the Countryside Council for Wales.  I am very happy to report that I have had a response from all of them!

First off the block was Elfyn who is the Access and Conservation officer for the BMC in Wales.  He confirmed that I had a right to walk on this particular bit of access land.  He very clearly and succinctly conveyed my rights in a couple of paragraphs.  Thanks Elfyn, your response has ensured that I will continue renewing my BMC membership each year!

I then received a response from the Rights of Way and Access Officer from Powys County Council.  He confirmed that he and his colleagues will be investigating and will let me know the outcome.

The Ramblers are going to contact and inform their local group.

I also received a good response from the Access and Recreation Advisor from the Countryside Council for Wales.  He also confirmed the right to access on this hill and forwarded my email to Powys County Council.

All very positive and at least now people know where to report such matters, go direct to the Rights of Way and Access Officer of the relevant local authority.

On a less positive note it appears that a fellow blogger had a very unpleasant and potentially dangerous / lethal experience on the same hill earlier that morning.  Have a read of Moments of Madness on Dawns blog.  This shows that mine was not an isolated experience.

I’ll let you know the outcome when the local authority have investigated.