The Edw valley – Landscape perfection in Wales

by backpackingbongos

From the edge of the escarpment warm air was wafting up from the valley floor two hundred metres below.  The green patchwork of fields were busy with tractors, farmers making the most of the fine sunny weather.  I had the hill to myself, the crowds passing by this gem of a region, pulled to the nearby Brecon Beacons National park.  I normally prefer my landscapes bleak and empty, getting my thrills from remoteness.  However the Radnorshire hills had put a spell over me.  Somehow this landscape has so far escaped the recent industrialisation of our hills.  There was not a giant wind turbine in sight.  Long may it remain that way.

An area I can’t wait to return to, even after the unpleasant encounter with the gamekeeper.  I’ll do a couple of trip reports in the next week or so.

9 Comments to “The Edw valley – Landscape perfection in Wales”

  1. A lovely teaser of a photograph. The landscape’s not too dissimilar where we live (about 30K north of there) but here it can feel quite busy at times. You can also get a little “desensitized” to the joys of the landscape under your nose, and it takes an ‘outsider’s view to open your eyes and mind to it again. Looking forward to a full write-up later!

    • Thanks Roddy. I have to say that I am quite chuffed with how that photo has come out. You are a lucky chap having similar scenery of your doorstep, lovely stuff. Mind you it is easy for me to be pleased seeing that I live in the middle of a big city!

  2. All well an good not having any turbines to spoil your bucolic view, but when nuclear has destroyed half the planet we all might think, darn it, “y didn’t we just use turbines”

    • I think that you may have missed the point of this short post Simon, the idea was to celebrate a fantastic landscape…………..

  3. Top notch area if you can stay out of the gun-sights 🙂
    Lookforward to the write up and comparing photos. The Rocks up at Aberedw common are a cracking spot. JUst something about the contrast between open moorland and patchwork fields that make me want to go all Julie Andrews. Wimple on standby!

    • It’s a brilliant area Andy. Maybe not the best for backpacking (not sure I would risk wild camping!) but for a weekend in the Bongo it is superb. I did not get to visit Aberedw rocks on this trip so a must for next time. I recon the area will look superb in a couple of months when all that bracken dies down. If you can’t find a wimple there is always a nearby hill called Whimble!

      • Been up Whimble, not on access land and no right of way and apparently the landowner doesn’t like people walking on his hill. I managed to get up and down without being shot

  4. Beautiful pic!

    It’s a lovely area. We had a sneak preview from the Offa’s Dyke Path a few years back, and keep meaning to visit. But we always seem to end up a bit further north round Bishop’s Castle – in itself very nice, but we must try the Radnorshire’s – soon!

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