Just popping out to the Arctic

by backpackingbongos

I finally managed to squeeze the pile of gear on the bed into my rucksack.  I know that it is traditional for bloggers to do a gear list for such trips but I can’t be bothered.  I’m just taking my usual stuff and a spare pair of underpants.

It’s going to take 48 hours to get to the start of the trail, I suppose that is part of the adventure.

There will be total radio silence for the next 12 days……………………

10 Comments to “Just popping out to the Arctic”

  1. Enjoy the trip! Looking forward to hearing about the adventure!

  2. Have a great time.

    Getting there will be part of the fun. But the title of the post struck me as being slightly “Scott & Oates” so I hope you have more success in getting back than they did! (I know that was the Antarctic, but you get what I mean?).

    Sounds like a fab trip, so enjoy.

  3. James – what do you mean you are not doing a blog on the way. You have fun now – if it is as warm as Estonia at the moment it will be fab.


  4. Have fun. Bring me back a suit made out of polar bears.
    Looking forward to seeing some photos (and of course reading some accompanying write ups)

  5. get us a bottle of milk on the way back, ta…

  6. Have a great time James. I’ve just enjoyed catching up with your postings after being away from ‘Reader’ for many weeks. Just be careful to avoid any polar bear hunters that might be roaming around your idyllic lunch spots!

  7. Thanks everyone. I’m back safe and sound and I did not get eaten by a polar bear (although the mozzies dined rather well off me).

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