The air was as clear as gin

by backpackingbongos

The weather in the Lake District the last couple of days has been remarkable.  It’s been a while since I have witnessed air so clear.  With perfect lighting and snow above 750 metres, myself and Reuben walked in a winter wonderland.  The downside was pretty treacherous ground underfoot even when there was no snow (a rock covered in invisible verglas had me crumpled in a heap).  I also measured a windchill of -10c yesterday, the muscles in my face aching when exposed to the wind.

I had planned to have a walk up Helvellyn today but Reuben was a broken dog this morning.  He got out of the campervan like an old man and walked like a crab.  He looked like someone had removed all his limbs and put them back on the wrong way.  He had a wild old time yesterday, running around like a lunatic, for hours.  A reminder that he is no longer young.  Mind you he soon perked up on a quick walk up Great Mell Fell this morning!

A few pictures until I do a proper write-up.


Looking towards Grasmoor from High Crags whilst climbing Hindscarth.


Hindscarth and Robinson on the ascent of Dale Head.


The summit of Dale Head.


Reuben enjoying the view from the summit of Great Mell Fell.


20 Comments to “The air was as clear as gin”

  1. Poor wee Reuben with his wee legs all back to front! If it’s any consolation, Dougal’s had his head on backwards since day one. Lovely pics; how I LOVE this time of year…

    • He was a bit of a sight this morning, looked very sorry for himself. Yesterday the wind had got to his brain as he was running around like a pup, rolling about on his back with a big doggy grin and gatecrashing peoples lunch breaks.

      Reub’s misses old Dougal I reckon.

      Love the cold crisp days of winter too.

  2. These pictures are stunning! I really want to go hiking in England. It looks so amazingly different from anything in the states.
    However this looks very remote- is it not a very popular hike?

    • Thanks Alison. The English Lake District is not very remote at all, in fact far from it. Very accessible and some reasonably sized towns and villages within the national park. Also very popular for hiking but quiet the weekend I visited. A lovely place though!

  3. Very nice 🙂 Poor old Reuben, but he’ll have had fun!
    Mind you, that verglas stuff can be very nasty…

    • Reuben had a big doggy grin on his face on the hills, loved it he did. He seemed better today once I got his ball and took him to the park…………….

  4. Cracking pics mate. No doubt you got lots more 😉

    You’ve only whetted my appetite for a pending Lakeland hike even more now! And I’m sure ole Reuben loved it, despite his aches and pains. Bless him 🙂

  5. Lucky beggar – I had a grand plans for some walks this weekend but the weather wasn’t as grand down here as I hoped – that and a 2 day hangover after a drinking session I should have better than to get involved in 🙂

  6. I hope this winter weather lasts. I have a nasty cold, no walking for me at the moment 😦

    • Hope you get out soon Mark. I returned from the Lakes with a bit of a sniffle, fingers crossed will not turn into anything.

  7. Beautiful pics!

    I love cold, bright days as well. We’ve had no snow locally, but a couple of hard frosts followed by sunny mornings have made for special conditions. All the more wonderful coz they were on a weekend and we could take advantage!

    With no basis whatsoever, I just get a feeling we could have some really special conditions over this winter. After the wet spring, summer and early autumn we’ve had this year, I reckon we deserve a great winter!:-)

    • Cheers Jules. I hope that you are right about the weather this winter. A long cold and dry one would be appreciated.

  8. Looks wonderful James. There is something about the Lakes when the tops have a covering of snow that makes them seem much more remote and wild. Shame poor old Reuben is feeling his age at bit. Looking forward to your write up and pics.

    • Having the tops covered in snow really did transform the Lakes David, so different from their summer mantle of green. Cheers for the comment.

  9. Looks superb. Yes let’s hope for a crisp cold winter, think I got trenchfoot running in the wet this year!

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