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January 9, 2013

My favourite outdoor blog of 2012

by backpackingbongos

I have to admit that I get a great deal of pleasure from reading other people’s blogs.  I currently have roughly sixty in my Google reader, meaning that I usually have something new to read each day.  There are however some blogs where I look forward to new posts much more than others.  For me the perfect blog encapsulates an individuals love for the great outdoors with their personality seeping into the content.  You get to know the author, even though you have never met them.

I really appreciate well written posts alongside photos that make me want to pack my bags, saddle the dog and head out the door.  This is why I nominate Self powered as my favourite blog of the last year.  David is a great wordsmith with his posts being beautifully written, backed up with some gorgeous photos.  I suggest that you head over and check out his blog.

A close runner-up is the Sportswool diaries.  Warren and Esther packed up their jobs and have been cycling around the world, so far covering North America and Europe.  They are currently in Thailand after cycling through Malaysia.  Warren has a way with words that immediately transports you half way round the world.

What are your favourites?