My favourite outdoor blog of 2012

by backpackingbongos

I have to admit that I get a great deal of pleasure from reading other people’s blogs.  I currently have roughly sixty in my Google reader, meaning that I usually have something new to read each day.  There are however some blogs where I look forward to new posts much more than others.  For me the perfect blog encapsulates an individuals love for the great outdoors with their personality seeping into the content.  You get to know the author, even though you have never met them.

I really appreciate well written posts alongside photos that make me want to pack my bags, saddle the dog and head out the door.  This is why I nominate Self powered as my favourite blog of the last year.  David is a great wordsmith with his posts being beautifully written, backed up with some gorgeous photos.  I suggest that you head over and check out his blog.

A close runner-up is the Sportswool diaries.  Warren and Esther packed up their jobs and have been cycling around the world, so far covering North America and Europe.  They are currently in Thailand after cycling through Malaysia.  Warren has a way with words that immediately transports you half way round the world.

What are your favourites?

22 Comments to “My favourite outdoor blog of 2012”

  1. Thanks for sharing! That made me think of how I should look to spend my time. I really like your Blog too & your images are very inspiring to get out into the wonderful tranquillity & take in those views

  2. I’ll go with your suggestions, Mr Lintern and Esther and Warren. Top work. Yours is alright too… I’m also very fond of Notes from Near and Far: and I like to sneak a look at – not a site for bottom fetishists, but rather a handy way of keeping up with Arsenal FC related news. Whaddaya mean ‘it’s not an outdoors blog’?

    • I have seen the Hoff commenting on your blog before Pete, did not realise that he had one himself. My old favourite was Writes of way, anyone know what happened to that Edwards fella?

  3. Yup. With you there. Great blog and a great bloke.

    • Not had the pleasure of meeting Mr Lintern yet, hopefully will do so in the not too distant future. You write a fine blog yourself Maz, it has to be said.

  4. Davids blog is top class. His move to Scotland and eye for an image has combined to produce a visual feast.

    A few backpacking centric Blogs I rate as a must follow:

    Nick Bramel superb photos and passion. A must and so good.

    Patagonia Dreams. Amazing couple and “wow” blog

    SectionHiker as its packed with backpacking stuff

    Luc Mhel as its mind blowing stuff

    Odd one as he drives me nuts with some stuff he writes, but his passion (which I support) and care for those he works with Make DaveC an annoying at times but addictive read. I do have a look a lot as he gets out into stunning landscapes and his kit stuff is superb to. Find it here

    Many more but those are good ones.

    • Sorry that your comment did not get posted right away Martin, the spam monster somehow gobbled it up. A good list there. I follow and really rate both Nick and Sectionhiker. The rest are new and will be added to my blog roll for a look.

  5. Like I dont have enough to read too ;-p Thanks – they both look brilliant

  6. I like backpackingbongos!

  7. I totally agree, David’s blog is a pleasure to read and one that I look forward to new posts on. I’ve added the Sportswool diaries to my Reader list too now, cheers for the heads up.

  8. Completely agree. By far the best UK blog, and having met him only improves it. Long may it continue!

  9. …bit lost for words. Thanks James, and everyone, I think I’m blushing a bit.

    My favs: Backpacking Bongos, Thunder in the Night, Gavin Macafie’s 57degrees North, Patagonian Dreams. Theres loads of others, but yours and these 3 I always jump to and read straight away. I really, really like Pete’s ‘writes of way’ blog too but he’s playing hard to get with posts these days 😉

    Open invitation to meet up as ever, J.
    Tar, humbled, Dave

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