My 2013 TGO Challenge route sheet is finally submitted

by backpackingbongos

It has taken a few months of obsessively pouring over maps to get my TGO Challenge route planned.  There are places that I know I definitely want to visit, the trick is joining them into a coherent and enjoyable route.  I start in the village of Inverie in Knoydart and finish 280 kilometres (174 miles) later in St Cyrus.  I really want to explore the wildest part of the Monadhliath so much of my route has been planned around that.  I feel that now is the time to go before the area is trashed forever.  If the weather is good I will take in nine Munro’s and a Corbett over the two weeks, so let the sun shine and the winds be gentle.

Lets see what the vetters make of what I have submitted.  I’ll do more of a route breakdown when I get a response from them.

You can click on the map below to make it bigger.

TGO Challenge full route

25 Comments to “My 2013 TGO Challenge route sheet is finally submitted”

  1. Nice one, It looks like we shall be crossing paths a few times . Inverie and Knoydart is a fantastic area.

    • Dawn after chatting with the man who likes pies it looks like the first couple of days of our route is pretty much the same. Hopefully see you in May!

  2. Well having never done the TGO Challenge I don’t really feel qualified to say anything clever, but just looking at the map it looks very enticing and exciting – makes me feel like rushing out and doing something!

  3. That looks and sounds like a splendid stravaig!
    When will you be at point 16? Might there be a cultured soiree in the offing?
    Chrissie – All it takes is filling in a simple application form… and then you’re hooked!

    • Believe me, I keep thinking about it Alan! The trouble is, I teach – and it’s always in term time. But it’s definitely a plan that’s filed away in my brain for retirement (and hopefully early retirement too!).

    • Alan I will be at point 16 on Thurs 16th – somewhere in the vicinity of the bothy in Glen Feshie, is your cheese and wine party nearby? He shuffles off to check your blog………..

  4. Looks a great wilderness route, enjoy

  5. …but of course, obviously James…… 😉

  6. Hi James! Looks like a plan. Don’t think our paths will cross until Braemar, and that depends on when you are going to be there!
    Getting very excited already, I really must find somethiing else to do with me time…

  7. Let the vetting begin. Looks a good route mate.

  8. Looks a fine route, starting off through the rough bounds as well, epic. Hope you get some better weather this time

    On a side note, always intrigued by the idea of the coast to coast in day (featured in one of those “Big Walks”, “Great Walks” books), from the head of Loch Broom to Dornoch Firth.

    • Thanks Andy, I really do hope the weather is kinder this year, not sure I could cope with day after day of wind and rain again. It’s been years since I visited Knoydart, really looking forward to those couple of days. That coast to coast in a day would make a great 2 day backpack for those who are a bit more lazy……………

  9. You should find that exceedingly enjoyable, James – it looks a fine route.

  10. Looks like a great route. I hope it all goes to plan

  11. Looks a nice route. I’m starting at Shiel Bridge and ending up in Montrose itself so hope to bump into you in the middle somewhere! Have a great crossing!!

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