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January 30, 2013

Setting sail to treasure island

by backpackingbongos

Tomorrow I set off (via a curry lunch) with a couple of mates and Reuben for the long drive to Glasgow.  We are meeting up with the esteemed Mr Edwards from Writes of way fame.  Our destination the following morning is an island in the Hebrides that has no permanent habitation or scheduled ferry service.  Regular readers have probably sussed by now that I like to get as far off the beaten track as possible.  In my mind you can’t get more off the beaten track than an uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland.

We have chartered a boat to drop us off and then come back and pick us up three days later.  Sitting here typing this whilst wheelie bins fly down the street makes me question our judgement.  It is the end of January on the west coast!  Thankfully the forecast is showing a lull in the wind for the journey out, fingers crossed there will be another lull for our journey back.

The reason for this adventurous little excursion?  I get married in a couple of weeks and it is traditional to have a stag do.  However my idea of hell is to stagger round town, eat a kebab and then vomit in a gutter.  A remote camp with some mates for a few days is a much more pleasurable alternative.