Back from treasure island

by backpackingbongos

My dream of playing castaway on an uninhabited island was realised this weekend.  For the three nights that we spent on Scarba we had the island entirely to ourselves.  A fantastic way to spend a stag weekend with three friends and two dogs for company.  I have to admit with the wild weather yesterday I feared that we would be stranded for a few extra days.  I will do a proper write-up in the next week, in the meantime here are a few photos.


Being dropped off by the Farsain on Scarba.


Our campsite at Bagh Gleann a’ Mhaoil.


Scrambling along the south coast.


From the summit of Cruach Scarba, the highest point on the island.


The bothy and our escape from the elements.

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24 Responses to “Back from treasure island”

  1. Looks superb, very envious!

  2. Looks superb, very envious! Oh…

  3. I have to say that the weather looks pretty wonderful in those photos 🙂

    • It was an even 50/50 split with the weather Chrissie, started off splendid before taking a bit of a turn for the worse. Good to see a place in all its moods.

  4. What’s the longest do you reckon somebody has stayed on Treasure island (Scarba) for ?

    • Scarba had some extent of permanent settlement between the 12th century and the 1960s, with a high point of 14 families in occupation in the mid-19th century. More recently, ‘outward bound’ type courses were run on the island using Kilmory Lodge and the bothy at Gleann a’ Mhaoil, so probably groups would stay for a week.

  5. Look forward to the report mate.

  6. Ahhhhh! So rugged and beautiful!!! I got to see a bit of Skye two weeks ago and it was amazing. Where is this place?? How do you hire the boat? I want to go see it! Even if I’m by myself. It looks amazing.

    • Skye is a lovely rugged Island. Scarba is located to the south of Mull, I’ll pop in a map when I do the write-up and put in some details of boat hire etc.

  7. Looks superb, looking forward to the full report.

  8. Please include details on getting there and away in the report

  9. Fantastic, amazing photos. Really looking forward to your write up.

  10. Great photos, off to read the first instalment…


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