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February 18, 2013

Vetted and radio silence

by backpackingbongos

Last week I got an email from John Manning confirming that my TGO Challenge route has been given the OK by my vetters.  I had to add some clarification to my original submission due to a duff grid reference for a wild camp.  Apart from that I got positive feedback from Issy and Les, thanks for your input guys.  With the route sorted out I am now really looking forward to my second crossing.  The train journey to Mallaig has been booked (my first time on the Caledonian sleeper) and I have secured a couple of b&b’s in strategic places along the route.  Some time prior to setting off I will outline the route in more detail and describe the planning process.

Anyway, there will now be radio silence for the next two or three weeks.  My wife and I are jetting off to Thailand on our honeymoon on Thursday, after our marriage yesterday.  A lovely memorable day.